Updated: 05/27/2013 16:00
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We received a very detailed newsletter from Gold Alliance Fund, where admin is giving maximum coverage to the things going on with the project after...

We received a very detailed newsletter from Gold Alliance Fund, where admin is giving maximum coverage to the things going on with the project after the Liberty Reserve shutdown. At the same time, he is saying about some maximum convenient solution that would benefit the members to the utmost and not compromise the business of Gold Alliance Fund. It is obvious that absolute majority of investors funds have been deposited via Liberty Reserve and hence the number of members who got affected with the Liberty Reserve shutdown is enormous to Perfect Money investors.


Thus the admin of Gold Alliance Fund has reported there won't be a direct conversion of the funds stored in Liberty Reserve to other e-currencies, just because, let me quote it: "...The funds GAF had in LR are no longer accessible for our traders to work with and as such we cannot make any profits from them...". At the same time, the admin tries to assure everyone, payouts to alternative payment processors have not been affected and are processed according to the terms of the investment plans.


So, getting back to the compromise solution, Gold Alliance Fund refused to convert all LR deposits to PM, saying it's a rush decision, which would be a feasible solution. Instead, members who invested via Liberty Reserve will not be refunded, they will have an option to make another deposit via Perfect Money and get 20% bonus for the new deposit. In such a way the project's admin claims to find the compromise. At the same time all funds lost with Liberty Reserve are not going to be refunded and that's somehow leaves bad feeling about further deposits to Gold Alliance Fund.


So then, the bonus is offered, which is definitely not going to be tolerated by all those who had lost thousands of dollars in Liberty Reserve. At the same time, Gold Alliance Fund has nothing to do with the LR problems and hence by no means they can't be responsible for that. In that aspect offering the bonus for every new deposit made via alternative e-currency seems to be a really good compromise solution. How would investors, who lost their hard-earned funds feel about that? We'll see...

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