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After Liberty Reserve shutdown last Friday the HYIP programs spread into two groups. First group of programs without having access to Liberty Reserve...

After Liberty Reserve shutdown last Friday the HYIP programs spread into two groups. First group of programs without having access to Liberty Reserve funds and as the result significant loss of news cash inflows from investors close the programs down. Unfortunately the number of new scams prevail today. We are sorry for the loss suffered by thousands of HYIP investors online.


However there is a selected number of HYIPs that seem to work to find the best solution and remain online in such a way to benefit from this situation and prove their serious intentions. One of such programs is MoneyInSports. Right after the Liberty Reserve collapse there was not much of the news from MoneyInSports until today. We have received a very explicit newsletter from MoneyInSports admin, Justing, that tells about some solution made up by the management of the project to somehow compensate losses from the collapse of the most popular payment processor used by HYIP investors community. Here let me quote the detailed explanation of how the things will be going with Liberty Reserve investors:


"Anyone with active LR tokens that have been paid back 100% or better will be considered paid back and that token will have expired. So if you made a 100.00 deposit and have been paid back more than that 100.00 there is nothing more that will be done as you broke even or made money with us.

Any LR token that is under 100% has been converted into a new token which will be paid out to PEXPAY and will also pay 2% a day and expire at 100% so that none of these people will lose.

For these customers that had a LR token that was under 100% earned you need to login to your account, go to preferences, then edit PEXPAY account and enter your PEXPAY account number. Once this is done we will convert the pending LR cashouts over to PEXPAY."


As explained by Justin, the solution given won't give the 160% return declared, however it can be considered as force major situation and makes all current investors nearly even. As Justin claimed, MoneyInSports is suffering more losses under the circumstances this solution will be used by all members. If anyone doesn't have the PexPay account, one should open it and make up to 500 in transfers before you need to verify your account.


PexPay e-currency is used because some sports books used by MoneyInSports are also using it so it makes less difficulties to add funds to recharge PexPay account. Besides Justin notices that it is not preferable to use any of payment processors now that have the same structure as Liberty Reserve does, so there are only two payment options left for MoneyInSports investors: SolidTrustPay and PexPay.


So this is the solution from MoneyInSports to solve the issue with Liberty Reserve. I personally think it is worth trying and trusting. All in all it sounds rather fair. If you, dear readers, have any questions concerning the solution offered by MoneyInSports, you may contact the support of the project directly or the HYIPNews support department.

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