Updated: 05/30/2013 07:52
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The RewardsWeekly HYIP is noted for its comparatively low interest rates. The program is offering 10% weekly with the investment period of up to 280 calendar days. Till recently this HYIP has stayed aside from the troubles with Liberty Reserve and hasn't offered any solution to its customers that would let exchange LR funds stored on account into any alternative e-currency.

Fortunately, yesterday we received the newsletter from RewardsWeekly. The thing is that due to Liberty Reserve shutdown the withdrawal requests made have been pending for some days. The support of the project has made up a good solution for all those affected with Liberty Reserve shutdown. First of all all pending requests have been moved back to account balances. It also enabled to no-fee conversion of LR funds stored on accounts to any other alternative e-currency available in the project.

The detailed instructions on how to enable conversion and add more e-currency account numbers is given in the latest newsletter from RewardsWeekly. Please see some part of it below:

"How to exchange your e-currency?

Please login in your account, and click "Currency Exchange", then exchange your LR account balance to other e-currency.
How to add your other e-currency account?
Please login in your account, and click "Edit Account", please add your other e-currency account here."

The conversion is not just enabled for Liberty Reserve funds. The funds on accounts where alternative e-currencies are used can also be exchanged, though in that case some % fee is applied. The solution given allows investors to get rid of Liberty Reserve funds, which are useless now and keep on working with the RewardsWeekly investment project using other alternative payment processors, such as PM, STP or EgoPay.

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