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Two more programs listed at HYIPNews have also stopped using Liberty Reserve after its shutdown. Evidently reading the latest news on Liberty Reserve...

Two more programs listed at HYIPNews have also stopped using Liberty Reserve after its shutdown. Evidently reading the latest news on Liberty Reserve and its founder it's getting clear things will not change and most likely Liberty Reserve has been shut down completely. On that occasion it's natural the programs report on removing this popular e-currency from the websites. Some programs are closed and some of them, like Secure Earn and SilverOz simply announce the removal and go on working.

Secure Earn has sent the newsletter saying that Liberty Reserve is no longer available for depositing and certainly for withdrawing funds. All those investors, who deposited using Liberty Reserve will be contacted further on for exchange options. God knows if it's true or it's just an attempt to stay online for as long as possible before it is eventually closed. No matter what, currently Secure Earn is paying on alternative e-currencies used so let's just try to believe they will fin out some exchange options for the members to minimize losses because of Liberty Reserve shutdown. Here is the newsletter from Secure Earn below:

"Hello dear members,
as we all have noticed Liberty Reserve was seized by US government last week and is no longer operating as virtual currency, due to this sad news Secure Earn LTD. is no longer accepting Liberty Reserve as one of the payment options. Members who made deposit via LR will be contacted with exchange options in near future. Please make all future payments with reliable virtual currencies, such as PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay.
Best Regards,
Secure Earn LTD. team."

Another program SilverOz has been launched at the very inappropriate time. Just 15 days ago it was added to HYIPNews listing and nearly right after its launch Liberty Reserve stopped its functioning. On the other hand the project couldn't manage to get many investments for sure and hence the loss is not that big. Anyway, they have also sent the newsletter to the members saying about Liberty Reserve removal from operating. Apart from that SilverOz gives opportunity to convert current profit with up to 90% fee, which is a very high interest rate for conversion. See more details in the newsletter from SilverOz below:

"Hello hyipnews!
As the site Liberty Reserve officially stopped its existence we obliged to delete this payment system from our list of supported EPS. For those who deposited in Liberty Reserve there is the possibility to convert the existent profit with the 75% fee until the 1st of June 2013 and with the 90% fee after that until the 7th of June.
Soon there will be added another payment systems on our site for your convenience.
Best regards, team"

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