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This is the first review of the HYIP project after the Liberty Reserve shutdown. The project is called RonWards. It's been listed at HYIPNews for 72 days and within the entire period some conflicting opinions raised around this project. It is a typical fast program and naturally we could expect it for a cycle or two maximum. It turns out now 2 months online have already passed. Stunning result for a fast HYIP! Let's look deeper into the RonWards business opportunity.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

When entering the main page of RonWards, one may see a typical template of an ordinary fast HYIP. Top menu with typical sections: Home, Login, Signup, Ratings, FAQ, Terms and Support stays above the head of the site, where a nicely-designed logo of the program along with the logos of AntiDDoS provider and payment processors accepted are located. There below there goes a two-column layout of the website, with the big button for the signup called "Create An Account". Right below in the column there's a login block, the stats section, the calculator, latest news block and two buttons linking to the project's pages on popular social networks Facebook and Twitter.
The left column contains not much of the text. It's more like a combination of colorful blocks: one with short plans presentations, one with the presentation of the referral program, one with the forum buttons, where RonWards is being discussed. At the very bottom there's also a link to the PDF version of the RonWards Limited Company Registration, which i wouldn't treat seriously just like any other certificate of any other HYIP working online.
As i've told before, initially there have been conflicting opinions concerning RonWards. As a fast program it was not supposed to work so long. At the same time, at the very start, we can notice that even despite being a typical fast, the interests offered are lower than similar HYIPs offer and hence it gave investors some hope for the RonWards HYIP to last longer than expected, which actually happened, for the project has passed the 2 months online anniversary, which is quite unusual for a "fast" HYIP.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

The project includes six investment plans with the duration of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 30 days accordingly. The minimum deposit in these plans is $10. Each of six plans include five subplans, each of which varies with the minimum deposit allowed and accordingly the income level earned. Let's go into details a bit:
Level One Plan - 103%-125% in 1 Day
Level Two Plan - 53.50%-70% Daily for 2 Days
Level Three Plan - 118%-300% After 5 Days
Level Four Plan - 145%-500% After 10 Days
Level Five Plan - 225%-1000% After 20 Days
Level Six Plan - 400%-1500% After 30 Days
As you can see in all plans except the Level Two Plan (where interests are earned daily) the profit is paid upon the expiry.
The referral program is simple, one-level with a rather small referral bonus offered to investors - 3%. The bonus is small compared to the competitors in the niche.

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

Initially RonWards was accepting four major payment processors: Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money and EgoPay. Of course after the Liberty Reserve collapse, this e-currency has been removed from operation. The administration of RonWards has first frozen the balances and then enabled profile editing to allow everyone input other payment processor accounts such as PerfectMoney, SolidtrustPay and Egopay information to the profiles. So, obviously now there are three payment processors left in operation with RonWards.
In order to start investing, one should meet some requirements. First, one should be of legal age and have the e-currency account opened in any of three payment systems accepted. And finally, one must have the minimum amount for deposit, $10. Deposits are completed from the account area, after completing the login on the website of RonWards.
There is also an option to make the direct deposit to the new plan from your account balance. However, in that case, there will not be a referral commission credited to your upline. The total number of running deposits is also unlimited. One may have as many of them as possible.
As for withdrawals, they are processed manually. For the manual procession of withdrawals is in action, it may take up to 48 hours for completing them. Withdrawal are completed by submitting the corresponding request from the member area on the RonWards website. The minimum amount for withdrawal is only $1.00 for all payment processors. As for the number of withdrawal requests one can make per day, there are no restrictions on that.

4. Legend & Content!

There's not much of the content on the website. As stated above, the main page nearly all contains thew blocks of images and colorful pictures. Actually for a "fast" HYIP it's not required to have solid legend. Far more and more ivnestors don't really care about that. As for RonWards, there is only one passage that speaks of some sort of activity, the project and the company that manages (RonWards Limited) the project. Let me quote this passage from the website: "Ron Howards Investment Group (RonWards) is an investment group who aims to uphold the values of traditional investing methods while incorporating new age technologies and methodologies in order to maximize profits while minimizing risks by a great margin."
All texts are genuine, so even despite the fact there's not much of text, one advantage is that it's original. Good for RonWards!

5. Customer Care and Support!

There's a contact form enabled on the site. Seems like it's the easiest way to contact the support of RonWards. Apart from the contact form there's also a good feedback on the News page, which is regularly updated. The project is also presented in social networks: Facebook and Twitter. The buttons to the pages of RonWardsin the social networks are give non the main page of the website in the right bottom corner.

6. Technical Aspect!

The RonWards project is run on a licensed Goldcoders script. The domain "" is valid till Sunday 23 March 2014. The SSL Certificate for is signed by Thawte DV SSL CA wich is signed by thawte Primary Root CA wich is signed by thawte Primary Root CA . The SSL Certificate will expire on Sunday 23 March 2014 this means it is still valid for 292 days. The SSL Certificate has a 2048-bit length private key. Longer RSA keys are required to provide security as computing capabilities increase. The recommended RSA key-length is 2048 bits. Although a 2048-bit RSA key length is more secure than the common 1024-bit length, it is also slower and might effect server performance. Most web servers continue to use 1024-bit RSA keys without negatively influencing security for normal operations.
RonWards is operated on the dedicated server. Initially, RonWards has been using the AntiDDOS protection by Snoork, which is not used widely. However at the beginning of May the project was suffering a serious DDOS attack, which turned out to be hard to maintain the site online for the Snoork. At that time, the server and the entire project decided to move to BlockDos, which is well-known for the ability to handle DDOS attacks. Since then RonWards is supported by BlockDos.

7. Special Features!

There are some features, which are definitely worth mentioning. First of all, it's the profit calculator, that has been enabled on the webpage on May 9. Using the profit calculator is very easy. One should only choose the plan from the drop-down menu and then type in the deposit amount preferred in the context box below and press the Calculate button. The final amount of earnings you will get will appear.
The security aspect is highly important, especially when dealing with HYIPs. Which is why, upgrading servers, obtaining high quality antiDDOS protection is worth appraisal and always tolerated by investors. We have already mentioned that RonWards has moved to BlockDos nearly a month ago. Apart from that, we should mention that initially, when attacks just started, the project had the server firewall upgraded, which gave some speed to loading time of the website and added some protection for ensuring smooth operation of the RonWards website.
Another feature, which is now getting more and more custom for HYIP programs is the presence of the project in social networks. In this aspect, RonWards proudly welcomes the readers on the official pages of the project in Facebook and Twitter.

8. Conclusion!

The RonWards is a nicely done "fast" project, which is earning good profit to its investors. This fast has survived lots of other so-called longterm projects and has amazing traffic growth results, following the Alexa rating. When RonWards was launched no-one could even think it will last for so long. However, due to the interest rates, which are lower than the same offered by similar "fast" projects there were some reasons to consider RonWards as to some extent exclusive project: fast HYIP working for a long period of time. No matter how soon it will close, RonWards has already become a remarkable one among the competitors on the market. RonWards is a perfect example of professional approach towards running a good HYIP project with nice feedback, gradual growth and active development day-by-day. Good luck to the admin and all members of this HYIP.

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