Updated: 06/04/2013 20:25
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We received a letter from Justin admin of It is all about money-news-online monitor and his owner

We received a letter from Justin admin of It is all about money-news-online monitor and his owner. We prefer not to comment it but publish it as it is. In our opinion it is quite interesting, so it might be interesting and useful for our readers as well.

We made more payments today but are not seeing any incoming money from customers, and without the support of our customers there is not much of a benefit for us to continue. We will see how things go the next few days.

Why did we go from a great program to this? The easy answer is the LR issues and yes that is going to hurt your industry for sometime.

The better reason is because of paul over at the trash can of a site at mno. This guy has been trying to do what ASA and many others since have tried to do by giving you the news of this industry. Many have done better, not many have not much less as far as reporting real news goes. This guy started his site by asking every admin of anything to let him do a review on them. Now with much work on his part he is taking in over 25k a month on avg. He does this by selling wasted space on his site, but the real money comes from the people that join under him. Is monitor is a joke, his reviews are a joke and his insight or lack there of is a joke.

Make this joker work for you. Stop using his link when you signup for sites. You can still read all his info if you feel the need but let him realize that you are the reason he makes anything. Then and only then will you maybe get him to try to report news of value which is hard in this industry. Only the admins know when they come online and when they go offline.

Now if he wanted to report real news we could tell you what he knows about 4 programs all being run by the same admin, not the same group but the same person, issue is this admin as well as others would not use his site again if paul tried to report the news, and the insight that he has but yet keeps from his readers.

He could also report that he is well aware of most of the major ddos attacks source. It is also a provider, and many have put it together on pauls chat box before.

There are better sources out there for sure. Find them and stop giving this guy free money. His views and insight will be one of the reasons that this industry will slow down way more than 08-09 and never hit 05 and 07 numbers again.

Thank you all for your support, we will try for a few more days to see how things go then look into a refund system if it does not improve.



Still if you have any questions regarding the text above please send them directly to Justin .

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