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No matter how things are going in the industry, the HYIPNews team gladly offers you the regular HYIP information presented to you twice a week. Today it's Tuesday and informational is right here below. As always you are given the digest of latest news from HYIP programs online, the summary of Problem programs and closed HYIP opportunities. There is also some place for the news from e-currencies, and most popular HYIP blogs, publishing hot updates for the readers. The HYIPNews team does all possible to provide you with the Hot information twice a week. As usually, the survey starts with the Top Choice list of TOP 10 programs currently listed at HYIPNews. So, see the list below and keep on reading the HYIP Information Survey #250 from HYIPNews.com.

Top Choice

The TOP 10 investment of this week are presented at your attention. All in one section, take a look below, please:

HyipNews Choice

The first 10 are proven programs, which are assigned with maximum admin rating at HYIPNews monitoring. See the list below:

1. Australian Business Group

Listed: 312 days Profit: 1-2.2% daily! Term: up to 80 calendar days!

2. Pure Income

Listed: 132 days Profit: up to 2.3% daily! Term: up to 180 calendar days!

3. The Klides

Listed: 287 days Profit: flexible interest (min. 0.7%)! Term: up to 150 business days!

4. RewardsWeekly

Listed: 128 days Profit: 10% weekly! Term: up to 280 calendar days!

5. Malaysian Inc

Listed: 120 days Profit: 1.6-2.95% daily! Term: up to 120 business days!

6. After90Days

Listed: 350 days Profit: 108% after 1 month! 2% weekly for lifetime! Term: up to 30 calendar days!

7. RonWards

Listed: 80 days Profit: 70% daily for 2 days and 125-1000% after 1-20 days! Term: up to 30 calendar days!

8. Empire Finance Group

Listed: 108 days Profit: 1.3-1.7% daily! Term: up to 100 business days!

9. Harvest Agriculture

Listed: 76 days Profit: 1-3% daily! Term: up to 30-70 business days!

10. Mutual Wealth

Listed: 144 days Profit: 1-5% weekly!! Term: for lifetime!

Back again with the HYIPNews Choice section only. 10 programs again this time with no Sticky Listing. Summer moves on! The industry is getting slow, especially after the Liberty Reserve shutdown. Still we are showing the TOP 10 HYIP opportunities currently listed online. There are practically no changes now, apart from changing the place in listing. RonWards and Empire Finance Group exchanged the listing positions, now taking places 7 and 8 accordingly. As for the rest, the HYIPs are the same.


The list of new programs is given at your attention. You can see the short list of newly added programs to HYIPNews with the plans description and the list of links of those, appeared lately online. For details, have a look at the list below.

Binary Finance Group 7% daily up to 30 business days!
Mybestinv 40% daily for 4 days 220%-2500% after for 3-30 days!
Much Income 120-1000% after 1-10 days!

Bannersforest Cheiro Feenace Fibercapital Fundsempires Fxprofitrewards Globalfundsinc Incprofits Investment-fund Magicinvest Masterzone Newprolevel Realincomeclub Think-profits Unitedamg Seed-funding Worldpipprofit

And this time, the list of new programs is rather short. We might have got used to that for not many worth programs appear day-by-day. And HYIPNews robot sorts out evident scams immediately. The quality of new programs that get online is getting worth, unfortunately and nevertheless, there are three programs, added to HYIPNews listing, which are offered at your attention in the first part of Openings section. Remember the golden rule though: "Make your due diligence every time you plan to make a deposit to any new program". Remember to get in touch with the support. For any questions, you may have, contact the HYIPNews support team whenever you want to.


Roulette Guru - not paying
Bourgeois Assets - not paying
Super Return - not paying
Trademax Global - not paying
Fashion Invest - not paying

A very short list of Problem programs we have today compared to the last time. Moreover, the majority of Problem programs given in the previous issue of the HYIP informational survey have recovered, of which we are going to talk about in the Good News section. So far as for the Problems, there are only 6 of them. Good weekend, i should admit! Congratulations, dear readers! Hope we won't have more this Friday.


SecureAssets (62 days), Super Trade Fair (90 days), Primerisa (78 days), Secure Earn Ltd (22 days), After100days (58 days), Xenium Plus (79 days), Top Fund (100 days), Fibonacci Forex (428 days), Profit Wealth Club (23 days), Stabilico (203 days), Deltafund (6 days).


The Gold Alliance Fund HYIP has experienced some technical bug with withdrawals yesterday. It actually happened that some withdrawals have been marked as paid, when they actually were not. Initially there was an idea that the problem was because of payment system pin down, however it eventually turned out more globally.
As of now there are two options for the Gold Alliance Fund to solve the problem. First is to restore the system for the moment before the downtime. Seems like a good option, however if applied all new earnings, withdrawal requests, deposits and registrations of new members after the restore point will be lost. The second choice is to find the solution of the problem and decide it once and for all, which won't be fast enough and accordingly will require some patience from the members, for it takes some time for fixing the accounts involved, especially taking into account that some previously involved accounts are malfunctioning.
No matter what option will be chosen, it requires the complete verification of all active Gold Alliance Fund accounts. For the purpose of making the audit more careful and accurate there's a report on hiring an independent auditor firm be appointed for evaluating and rectifying the errors. All those, who are subject to auditor's check are given the choice for the funds refund, which are also subject to auditor's check. While the accounts affected are being checked no double withdrawal requests should be made. Here is a short instruction on how to request for the 'Refund':
"To request a refund, please log into your account and submit a new support ticket with the subject "Refund" and mark the priority as High (Not following this method will cause delays for your account. ** Please note: Your refund amount is the difference of the original invested less the amount withdrawn.)"

Empire Finance Group has sent the newsletter informing all members that new investments, previously put on hold are now resumed.
Apart from that the other day admin of Empire Finance Group has sent another newsletter informing about the referral program upgrade. Starting from now on, the referral program becomes three-level. Apart from the ordinary referral bonus 5%, all partners will now receive 3% referral bonus for the 2nd level referrals and 2% extra for 3rd level referrals. Besides there's also representative program in action, which may give 8% for the 1st level referral.

More details on the updated referral program can be accessed by clicking the "Your Referrals" section in the member area. Another addition is cancelling of "refback/RCB" from now on. Such changes make sense, the program is getting more and more popular. Currently it has even been included in the Top Choice section of HYIPNews informational survey. We'll keep an eye on the way it grows in the future.

WunevAssets has delivered a newsletter to all members with thankful words for all supporters of the project on Facebook and other social networks. Indeed the program is now paying promptly via SolidTrustPay, EgoPay and Perfect Money. Thus it is gaining popularity among the investors online. However, the admin announced of breaking the 5000 members amount with nearly 3000 of them active investors. Hard to believe, right? Still there's no way to verify this information and frankly speaking i doubt whether it is worth to. We are simply letting you know of the latest news from WunevAssets that may somehow help you on taking the final decision upon investing or not to this investment project.

HYIPNews Events

The Summer Promo Campaign moves on and we keep on posting the Ad Packages offered with 50% discount. Clicking the links to the coupons below, you have a chance to get the discounts on the ad services, provided by HYIPNews.com. One more time we publish the discount coupon for the Effective Launch Package and another coupon is for the banner advertising:

1. Effective Launch Package (incl. Sticky Listing + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + C.Banner 468x60 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 + Ads in Survey + Promotional Interview + Text HYIP Review), regular price - $354. We are offering the subscribers to get the Effective Launch package with 50% discount only till August 31 at $177.

2. Ads in Survey + A.Leaderboard 728x90 + J.Wide Skyscraper 160x600 with 50% discount only till August 31 at $39.99

Don't miss your chance and get some good advertising at half-price.

Good News

As we have already informed, absolute majority of the long list of programs that were Problem last time have fortunately recovered from their problems and are now mentioned in the Good News section of the HYIP informational survey #250. We are pleased to deliver the links to these websites here below, but before i should tell that most of the sites that recovered from troubles are long-term ones, those working for a long period of time, which makes us believe the intentions of the admins remain far more long-going. So, here are the names of the programs recovered: Investment Capital Limited UK, The Investment Bank, Best Barter Group, Keep Fund, Apsley Alliance, EuroStar Investment, HTR, ORG Investment, MediEarn, Vegila Investment, Winment, Samaj Fund, Atlantis Trade, Grand Capital.


Perfect Money has been delivering more and more important news for the e-currency industry lately. Within the last half of month after the Liberty Reserve shutdown, another popular e-currency Perfect Money has been working hard to secure itself against any possible attempts for the domain to be seized and the service shutdown. At the end of May there was a notification about changing the policy terms of Perfect Money. As the result of the policy terms change, all new sign-ups for the individuals and companies based in the US are restricted. This is only applied for all citizens of US living abroad. Obviously this is an attempt to limit US influence upon the business run by Perfect Money.
After that in the beginning of June another change was applied, a very serious one. As reported in the newsline of Perfect Money: "In an effort to improve the brand recognition of our payment processing system, we have decided to change our domain name to Perfectmoney.IS" I would say the real reason for the domain change is to decrease the chances of the domain to be seized. .COM domains are international and are much easier to affect, that is why the decision to change to PerfectMoney.IS was taken. The official reason is as follows: "This is important and will help you avoid visits to fake web pages that were created for malicious purposes". Besides the clients are strongly recommended not to use search engines for searching them. It is simply enough to type in Perfectmoney.IS in the address line of the browser to get redirected to the main website of the payment system.
There are also reports on adding the new rating system, which is supposed to be working in real-time mode for the purpose of preventing fraud. The update will include a brand new Peer-to-Peer rating system, developed for increasing the clients' awareness level when making transactions. The P2P rating and additional tracking tools will let getting extra information about the funds recipients within the system, minimizing the risk of being scammed.
In terms of anti-fraud campaign Perfect Money actively blocks all accounts, violating Terms of Service. The new tool will allow the clients to inform of any potential violations, in such a way contributing the effective work of Perfect Money anti-fraud department. As reported right now the staff of Perfect Money anti-fraud department is able to identify and block up to 95% of accounts, created by fraudsters before they are actually used for criminal purposes. Using the new tools and opportunities, Perfect Money seeks for improving the statistic data above and increase the financial transactions transparency.
The new rating system marks the completion of the corporate restructuring process of Perfect Money. In terms of this process the management of Perfect Money has taken the decision to merge with the Startup Research and Investments company, that has made million investment to the development of Perfect Money IT infrastructure and marketing system. Startup Research and Investments specialize in purchasing and further development of innovative business in the sphere of IT with high potential. The company has much of experience in management and technological "know-how", which would definitely contribute the business development. The support of the holding company gives required legal basis to perform business worldwide in a successful way. The merge will lead to faster development of Perfect Money e-currency, promoting the services on new markets. The management of Perfect Money is sure any improvement like that will contribute to more professional and stable performance of Perfect Money online.

Recently Bitcoin exchange #1 site Mt. Gox faced a series of troubles like phishing, federal's prosecution, etc. But despite all these problems Bitcoin prices are holding steady. Almost everyone who is interested in the e-currency Bitcoin trades at Mt. Gox. It handles more than half of all Bitcoins transactions, with roughly $144 million in USD filtering through the system right now, according to Bitcoin Charts. It seems that due to legal, technological and federal pressure its traders are losing faith in that website as trading volumes begin to slip.
In the latest development, Symantec researchers discovered that a group of hackers had spoofed the Mt. Gox site and duped users into downloading harmful malware onto their computers another in a series of attacks aimed at harassing Mt. Gox and some of its users (and perhaps stealing some Bitcoin in the process). A string of malicious DDoS attacks throughout 2013 have caused the website to even shut down a few times to stabilize the currency.
Beside that Mt. Gox faces some legal threat. The website has implemented tighter verification process on its traders, especially those who trade different to Bitcoin e-currency, in order to separate itself from recently shuttered Liberty Reserve and Mutum Siegellum (seized by Homeland Security for failing to register as a money transmitter). To crown it all Mt.Gox has been hit with massive $75 million lawsuit by Bitcoin portal CoinLab after partnership split.
Interesting, but Bitcoin prices remained the same and traded steady as if nothing happened at all. So if even the biggest exchanger will not make it there are about 11 different exchangers more to fill the gap and satisfy all traders needs. The second to MT. Gox biggest one is BitStamp with more than $27 million trades. There are clear sighns that despite any troubles Bitcoin has outgrown its own trading arena.

HYIP Blogs.

There's only one interesting update on the HYIP blog recently. HYIP Pulse Blog has published the article, which is trying to find out the reasons for the exchangers to be shut down after the Liberty Reserve collapse. Indeed, this question is being raised to often nowadays. Many people are seeking for the ways to exchange their e-currency and actually they can't. Among the main reasons for seizing the exchangers' domains the main ones are: operating a money transmitting business without a proper license, violating international anti money laundering rules, supporting and financing fraudulent activity. When going into legal base of this kind of services, nearly all exchange services are subject to immediate closure. HYIP Pulse Blog is going further into details of this problem and gives out the shocking truth, trying to answer the question, if the HYIP industry going to disappear or not? See more details in the article, following the link below: http://blog.hyip-pulse.com/why-the-exchangers-have-been-shut-down/

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