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Pure Income has sent the newsletter informing the members of successful performance and nearly complete recovery after the Liberty Reserve shutdown....

Pure Income has sent the newsletter informing the members of successful performance and nearly complete recovery after the Liberty Reserve shutdown. As reported the company keeps evolving and making profits. The marketing research has been performed by the management of Pure Income, the results of which show many people have no idea how actually Pure Income works.


Within the latest newsletter, the admin is giving detailed description of the company idea and working principles. The main thesis is that Pure Income claims not to be a HYIP. Instead Pure Income is positioning itself as a successful online business that works on the basis of shares trading. Here is the quotation for you not to miss anything: "The company's revenue relies upon losses the customers have on virtual shares of Companies 1-5, and the bid/ask spread difference of these shares." For securing stable profits, Pure Income reports on creating stabilization fund, where certain amount of profit is transferred daily. With the help of the fund Pure Income company is able to overcome difficulties and various unforeseen circumstances. Basically, it's been reported that thanks to the stabilization fund owned, Pure Income managed to recover from Liberty Reserve shutdown, not letting the investors to get their payouts on Pure Income shares and bonds remain pending.


At the end of the newsletter, the admin answers the most frequently asked question related to the company's performance such as: "What will happen if customers stop speculating in Companies 1-5 shares? How will you be able to provide a stable growth of Pure Income shares and bonds?" Answering this question, the admin is sure things like that are not going to happen, for the program is growing rapidly and able to meet the challenges. Liberty Reserve collapse is a proof to that. Speaking about Companies 1-5 shares trading, it is more like a gambling, turned into successful business, still it's gambling, and hence it's a highly risky investment opportunity, despite the fact, admin of Pure Income claims, the business is real and totally sustainable, which at the same time doesn't depend on external factors. This i can't agree. Every business depends on external factors, especially when we talk HYIPs.

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