Updated: 06/13/2013 11:00
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HYIP industry is back under pressure. To be exact the pressure is simply getting harder. As it turns out, Liberty Reserve shutdown was just a beginning. After they were through with Liberty Reserve, the authorities started to deal with the exchangers, operating with exchanging e-currencies and funds cashout. Dozens of famous exchangers domains have been seized. The connection with Liberty Reserve is obvious and hence they could also be charged with money-laundering accusations. Some other reasons reported are missing registration documents and licenses for holding financial activities worldwide.

After the exchangers shutdown slowed down, we are currently facing another stage of fighting against HYIPs. This time seems that nearly all sites somehow involved into HYIP business are in danger. Today i was trying to enter the blog HYIP-Pulse.com and discovered the site is gone. Instead there's just a short notice: "bye bye hyip-pulse". Looks like the site was hacked. No wonder cause a couple of weeks ago there was some issue like that, when hackers managed to break into the code and place some links for downloading some Android application from the site of HYIP-Pulse. That time admin and hosting company managed to fight the hackers and get the domain back under control. This time, it looks more suspicious. There are no notifications on things going on neither on Twitter account, nor on the Facebook page of HYIP Pulse.

Another leading HYIP related portal, MoneyNewsOnline is also inaccessible today. When trying to reach the main page: 504 Gateway Time-out appears! Is that a DDOS and how soon the website will go up? The answers to these questions are yet to be found. So far, we are all on the guard and hope for the industry recovery. It should be transformed, definitely, but whether it should be swapped away completely, i doubt it will be necessary. Whatever, let's wait for the things to get stabilized and make some conclusion afterwards.

By Harold Moore,

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