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HYIP News. Unlimited Forex First week of work, a brief overview of the HYIP program

Unlimited Forex has delivered the first newsletter to its members right on the Independence Day celebrated in the U.S. The project has been added to HYIPNews listing a week ago. Its status has been changed pretty fast from Awaiting to Paying, which means the payout has gone through prompt enough. The project is paying on two types of plans: 'paid upon the expiry' - up to 2000% after 30 days and 'daily plans' - 99% daily for 2 days. Obviously the project can be considered as a fast HYIP, so right now it's nearly the ultimate time to jump in. The program is on its peak i suppose and the latest newsletter speaks of that.

Unlimited Forex has reported to have paying status in 32 monitors which is a great number for a week online. The most trusted monitors, including HYIPNews.com are shown on the rating page of Unlimited Forex website. As it's been reported, most members who deposited the first day are now reinvesting the funds and are currently getting pure profit.

Samantha, the admin of Unlimited Forex also claims that forums have also become a good source of popularizing the project on the web. Please have a look at the newsletter, where Samantha speaks of that:

"We have a strong response in forums, you can always observe our threads in forums are always in the first page. If you want to read payment proof,feedbacks of members, the links of our threads will be posted below:


The buttons showing the links to these threads are also shown on the main page of the website. Apart from that, for those interested in placing a deposit with Unlimited Forex, there's a calculator placed on the main page as well, where potential investors can calculate the profits from Unlimited Forex.

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