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InstaBank admin, Brandon Hayden has sent out the newsletter to the membership informing about recent milestones reached and giving the answers to some...

InstaBank admin, Brandon Hayden has sent out the newsletter to the membership informing about recent milestones reached and giving the answers to some most frequently asked questions. In fact, we haven't heard from InstaBank since its launch. You can check our news reports and make sure it's the first newsletter for 26 days, this HYIP is being monitored at HYIPNews. Indeed, InstaBank has only been listed for less than a month. The program is offering paid-upon-expiry investment plans with maximum income 2100% after 30 days. Basing upon the investment plans terms, we may assume that within 5 days there is going to be a key point for the project's development. All investors who jumped in during the first day are supposed to be in profit. Let's wait and see how it goes further on.


Meanwhile, let's touch upon the newsletter and some details revealed within. Brandon proudly informs that InstaBank currently has 13500 registered customers, while the amount of $10000 has already been deposited at least once. The project attracts attention of major online investors as well as the newbie potential ones. The total estimated asset amount currently managed by InstaBank, as reported is $500K. As claimed, the clients of InstaBank enjoy the smooth investing and automatic procedure of withdrawing funds from the investment program.


Among the improvements to the website of InstaBank one is worth talking about. The thing is that many investors have asked questions lately concerning the server time. For better convenience of customers all registered members can now see the live server time directly from their accounts on top of navigation menu. Another question, most frequently asked by the customers, touches upon the payment schedule. As i have already mentioned earlier, all profit earned is available for withdrawal only upon the expiry of the investment plan selected: after 1 day, after 3 days etc. Besides, there's a notification that all investment plans duration is based upon calendar days.


For better customer support, phone support has been recently implemented. Anytime you are free to call the support on the phone +44 20 7048 6526. Phone support is only for English speaking customers. Finally, there's a reminder that some users experience troubles with accessing their InstaBank accounts using some IE version. If troubles occur, everyone is recommended to use more stable browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera.

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