Updated: 10/01/2013 11:53
Hyip Monitor

Invest-Age currently taking the 10th place in HYIPNews listing has issued another newsletter, telling the members about the project's performance within the previous week. All in all, Invest-Age has been listed for 78 days, so far so good - the performance of the HYIP seems rather stable and hence we are pleased to tell you about the recent milestones reached by Invest-Age.

What can really make all the members worry about the future of the project is the latest announcement concerning the launch of the bunch of new investment plans in addition to those currently working. Normally, any change in the investment plans end up with soon program closure. till now there have been no complaints about the payments missing or other problems, however we all should be careful now with investing to Invest-Age.

At the same time, here should be mentioned that another way to make deposits has been added, Western Union. This payment method highly secured and absolutely non-anonymous is very hard to imagine being used for making deposits to any HYIP program, where anonymity of payouts is one of the most important factors. Which is why, beyond the latest newsletter published by the admin of Invest-Age, there's much to think about in the aspect of the future performance of the program.

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