Updated: 10/02/2013 12:33
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OKPAY , one of the most popular ecurrencies currently used in HYIP investing has informed in the newsline about the launch of payment verification...

OKPAY, one of the most popular e-currencies currently used in HYIP investing has informed in the newsline about the launch of payment verification for chosen partners. As claimed, the main idea of establishing the verification requirements is to ensure the safety and proper trust among the clients of the payment processor.


The verification of clients has already been widely used by OKPAY authorities, hence it will hardly make any troubles with offering the same services to the partners. As reported, the verification service may be used widely by the companies, dealing customer database, and those who take care the KYC and AML policies are not violated.


The details on how to proceed with the verification are there below:

- Partner forwards clients to complete account verification at OKPAY;
- Basic requirements include providing a scanned proof of identity and address as well as mobile phone verification;
- In result you are getting the data of confirmed and verified users absolutely free of charge.

Besides, there is an option to transfer to the partner any further updates to the client's profile or uploaded verification papers, which means the partner is always up-to-date with recent changes to the clients' profiles.



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