Updated: 10/03/2013 11:21
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EndoINV is the new program, which has been added to HYIPNews listing 3 days ago. The project is offering two investment packages for its investors, one paying on the daily basis, 7% daily to be exact and the second one with the profit paid upon the expiry of the package, 112% after8 days. This solution to imply both kinds of investment packages in action is definitely a good choice which would suit all sort of investors, which prefer different investment strategies.


It's too soon to judge about the performance of the project, still we have already received the first news update from the admin of EndoINV. The latest newsletter apart from the words of appraisal and encouragement for the clients who join the project, includes the news concerning addition of the new payment processor to the list of accepted ones. As reported, PexPay is now accepted and eligible for making deposits and completing withdrawals.


Besides there's a notification in the newsletter on adding the representative page. The page is currently empty, still the representative program is already open and everyone willing to become the regional representative of the program in one's own country is welcome to contact the support for details. You may see the news from EndoINV right here below:


"We would like to welcome all of our investors and those who have not decided to start with fantastic adventure yet. During those few days when we were online, thousands of people have trusted our investment fund. We are delighted that PexPay is now accepted by us as an e-currency. We also want to announce representative page, which for now is empty, but there will be a update in a while. Now, if in doubt, you can contact someone from your own country in your own language. Online Representatives will explain you all doubts associated with an investment in our program and will guide you through the process of investing with us..."




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