Updated: 10/10/2013 14:25
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Genius Capital Limited is the new program that used to be Sticky listed some time ago at HYIPNews and now taking the 22nd place in the listing being 22 days listed at all. As reported in the latest newsletter the program has been online for 3 weeks and first investors have already got their principals returned, which in its turn means they are from now on getting pure profit.

Getting into particulars it should be mentioned that only the first investors of GCL Starter plan are now eligible 4to return the principals, for the investment period of this plan is 15 business days. The total return on investments is 30%, which means investing $100, the pure profit for all GCL Starter plan investors made up $30. Getting more into details, we can assume that upon completing a bit more than three investment cycles, investors pure profit and the deposit will become equal, and starting from that time, they are supposed to get pure profit, with 0% risk degree.

The principal withdrawal requests up to $500 are paid instantly, and any amount larger is processed manually with a maximum time of up to 6 hours. Obviously this limitation is made for security reasons not to let any manipulations with customers accounts to take bad effect upon the customers assets of Genius Capital Limited.

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