Updated: 11/06/2013 16:20
Hyip Monitor

The Invest-Age HYIP has been performing well on the market within 114 days. Within this time it managed to get on Top of our listing. No wonder actually, cause it if offering good investment terms paying up to 4.5% daily within up to 54 calendar days. Making some easy calculations we can state the fact, the Invest-Age HYIP has successfully completed two investment cycles on the most profitable plan offered. Congratulations to all investors who managed to join the project at its early stage.

Thew latest newsletter from Invest-Age issued yesterday denotes 14 weeks online and tells the members about some achievements made. Basically there is not much of the news within. Basically there's nothing but words of thanks to all members and investors for being with the project and some general ideas on future growth and development. Here is some part of the newsletter sent by Invest-Age admin to his members:

"It is with great pleasure that we are announcing our 14th week online and we hereby congratulate and truly thank all our members for pursuing this journey with us.
Invest Age family is growing more mature and much bigger with the know how of our financial advisors and the confidence we have built with you, our dear friends and investors.
We thank you again for playing a major role with us and we highly encourage you to invest in the new Plans and refer friends and family to our program.
Hit our Facebook button and vote for us on monitoring sites if you are sincerely satisfied with our services."

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