Updated: 11/14/2013 12:26
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FinMutual is a longterm program, which pays 1.82.6% daily. The program has been working online for more than 100 days, basically for 113 days. This...

FinMutual is a long-term program, which pays 1.8-2.6% daily. The program has been working online for more than 100 days, basically for 113 days. This HYIP is not listed at HYIPNews, still the program has been working long enough to be called an interesting HYIP opportunity. The recent newsletter sent to the membership of the project gives out some information and congratulates every single member on completing the 113 days online.

Apart from the congratulations, there is some piece of important information concerning the regional representative program launched by FinMutual. As reported, the registration is now back open and several slots for regional representatives are now available. See the newsletter from FinMutual right here below:

"As we pass over 113 days online we are going into our next phase of promotion and expansion, so we are opening up registration once again from our members of influence wishing to apply for our regional representative program. We have several slots open to apply for. If you are a member of influence and participate in our referral program, please contact us via email if you wish to apply for a regional representative slot. FinMutual is a FinGroup Limited Company, a duly incorporated company of the United Kingdom"

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