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AmberShares is not listed, neither not monitored by HYIPNews. Anyway, it's the new program, which is only online for 10 days and it has successfully...

AmberShares is not listed, neither not monitored by HYIPNews. Anyway, it's the new program, which is only online for 10 days and it has successfully issued the first newsletter. The newsletter is rather informative, which in its turn lets the majority of potential investors consider the risk rate of joining any HYIP, moreover it lets somehow think of how serious the intentions of the AmberShares admin are. I will quote the entire newsletter below, but first i will point out the main aspects of it.

So, as the admin of AmberShares claims, within just 10 days the project has gained a total of $141,000+ in deposit, $43,000+ has been processed as withdrawal payments. All the assets have come and been paid to the total membership of 1900+ members. I tend no to consider this information as something genuine. It more sounds like a promotion. The numbers are actually too good to be true, especially for a 10-day old program.

Even though, AmberShares is strongly supported on Facebook with 770+ members and forums, where the members are encouraged to post payment proofs, the results announced are more likely not genuine at all, which is why, in my opinion, it is nothing more than intention of the admin to look serious. Please have a look at some part of the newsletter from AmberShares below and decide for yourself:

"Dear members,

How are you? Are you satisfied with the performance of AmberShares? For me, I couldn't be more satisfied with how things are going for our program. AmberShares has been operating for ten days smoothly, paying like clockwork. As of today, we have a total of $141,000+ in deposit; we have processed withdrawals amounting to $43,000+; and we have a total of 1900+ members. The ratio of deposit to withdrawal is roughly 3:1, which is amazing. These numbers are expected to increase every day in the upcoming months through 2014. Our program started very strong, but we still have a lot of room for growth. If you look around, you will notice that AmberShares is the program with the highest potential of getting big. Our members, both veteran and newbie investors, are very supportive and I am really happy because of that. Our members diligently post payment proofs, and continue to recruit more members every day. Our threads in forums are very active; our Facebook group is very active as well, within just a week of operation we already have 770+ members in our Facebook group..."

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