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Here below we are offering the interview with the Manager at Financial Promoter LLC. He apologizes for his bad English, still he was so kind to answer all questions we asked him concerning the performance of the website and we appreciate that. Anyone interested in the development of Financial Promoter LLC is welcome to read through the interview below:

1)Hello and welcome on the pages of Please, introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your position in the company.
Greetings to all readers, i am the manager at Financial Promoter LLC.
I work first of all on the management and maintenance of the website, I talk with investors, I deal with make the most of their investments.

2) What is the mission of your company? Why did you decide to be engaged in such controversial activities as high-yield investing?
The mission is that we plan to make money from investment, really, for our customers. We want to be a bank for our investors, even if banks are not.
We are giving services that a bank offers, we give interest on deposits, while we use them to make them yield to duty.
We want the trust of more and more investors, because they have to see us as a service for their future and their children.
We are always working to improve services, and many new features are coming soon.
The market for HYIP is controversial, but we do not believe a HYIP, we work with investors' money to make a profit all.

3) Your are running a HYIP with and interesting though seems rather simple design. Is that a template or some custom-made product?
It is our own creation, in continuous development.
The simplicity is very important for us, our investors should use the website more quickly and easily.

4) You do acknowledge that your investment offer is high-yielding and therefore risky, don't you? What niches of investment are involved at at? How can you secure your investors' funds and make such a high profit declared - up to 2% daily?
We studied the plans on our ability to gain and job opportunities.
This is what we can offer safely for a long time.
We intend to stay online for a long time, we have no interest in offering even higher rates, to have issues.

5) What is the duration of your your investment plans. The scheme you are providing on the main page seems complex for understanding. Please explain if you calculate the profit on calendar or business days? How particularly can you characterize your project? is it a long-term or a short-term? basically how is the the project positioned? And finally how long are you planning to stay online?
Simple, 1% 7 days a week and principal always available.
2% in working days, principal locked for 180 days.
The design was started calmly to last for years. our work is and will be for a long time.

6) Are there any special features inside your investment project, the investors might be interested to know about? Are there any obvious advantages you have on your website compared to the competitors?
In addition to the plans of gain, we have an exchange of money between the processors.
Very useful for all, how many times have served funds on a processor and not find anyone to change them?
We also offer internal exchange between users directly.
We also have a monitor for online programs, it will improve very soon.
We know our dependability and check it by yourself, and of course check out other programs.
As a project in the works, we'll have a prepaid card with our logo on sale from our website.
In this way you will be able to withdraw and transfer on the prepaid card.

7) How fast do you pay? Are the withdrawals instant or automatic?
Currently we PerfectMoney and EgoPay instantly.
Paypal we process we usually wait time through Paypal, varies from a few minutes up to 3 hours of the request.
These are the most commonly used processors.

8) What payment methods are accepted on your HYIP for depositing and withdrawing funds?
Currently we PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Paypal, Paxum, SolidTrustPay active in both deposit taking.
Bank transfer will be active in the coming weeks.

9) By the way, are you running a legally registered company or just a HYIP project? In case there's a company, please tell, how long has it been operating and are there any proofs for the company registered?
The company is registered, it is registered by the beginning of November, specifically to begin this work, the documents are in our "history."
The documents you can see the web page where you can check if the company is real by entering the numbers on the documents.

10) If your company is registered, does it have any legal rights to run investment activity?
We created the company to make investments, we make them, it's our job.

11) How can investors get in touch with you?
The easiest and most immediate is the contact form.
We think it is the most direct method to work well and quickly.
Just send a request and you will receive unarisposta in no time. our investors already know how to work.

12) Are there any questions that are not mentioned in a FAQ section but are frequently asked by investors?
No, currently we receive very few requests for support, because the site is working perfectly now, and as has been said, the simplicity allows investors to do everything on your own.

13) And lastly, is there anything else you want to tell our readers?
If you want a safe place to mature your investments, Financial LLC Promoter is the ideal place for a long time.
Give us your trust, and you will be satisfied like never before.

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