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PexPay is truly considered as one of the most popular ecurrencies used in HYIP industry. Within the year 2013, the popularity of this payment...

PexPay is truly considered as one of the most popular e-currencies used in HYIP industry. Within the year 2013, the popularity of this payment processor has raised significantly especially after the collapse of Liberty Reserve. At the end of the year 2013 PexPay has sent the newsletter saying thanks to all supporters of this payment processor. As a gift for all active partners and members, the PexPay authorities has decided to launch a special promotion for them.

The best wire promotion gives a chance to save some funds on making wire deposits for the sake of reducing or total removal of the wire fee. I will let you know of the advantages in the newsletter from PexPay quoted below. Speaking about requirements, the only one is to login to member's account till 12/20/2013 and activate the special promotion fee. The deposit can be done later then. Please see the newsletter from PexPay for the details below:

"From now until 12/31/2013 we will be offering the best wire promotion of the year to all current PexPay customers. All wire deposits made of 1000.00 of more will have the full 25.00 fee waived. For anyone sending over 250.00 you will have the wire fee reduced to 10.00. This is a 15.00 savings.
To take advantage of this deal you have to login to your PexPay account between now and 12/20/2013 to activate the special promotional fee. You do not need to put the wire deposit in that day, but you must login so our system logs you for the special fee discounts."

This is not the first time PexPay is launching the wire promotion. Still if you ever thought of making a deposit through PexPay, this is the best time to save some money. Maximum saving amount can be be up to $25, which is rather good. Remember the promotion is a limited time offer and will expire on December 31, 2013.

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