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As it's been reported by the admin of Dublin Cryptory on Wednesday, December 18, the board of directors of Dublin Cryptorium Limited has decided to...

As it's been reported by the admin of Dublin Cryptory on Wednesday, December 18, the board of directors of Dublin Cryptorium Limited has decided to create a new research group, which is supposed to consider new ways of computing non-classical calculations of Bitcoin hashes. The researchers and developers have focused their attention on non-classical computing systems that are based on fundamentally different principles from those that have been in use for this purpose, including: home computers, mp3- players and digital clocks.


Unlike classic computers, the engineers have considered building computational systems with a view to recent achievements in physics, biology, and mathematics for calculating the Bitcoin hashes that generate income to the investors of Dublin Cryptory. Here is one example quoted from the Dublin Cryptory newsletter: "... for tasks that are based on searching on certain combinations, the computer can be replaced by test tubes containing different sets of DNA “ where a sequence of nucleotides can be encrypted with certain information...".


Another point of interest for the researchers and engineers is developing the computational systems that use the living neurons of animals as a base. The quantum computing has been given a privilege hence by the researchers of Dublin Cryptorium Limited. The main difference between classic and quantum computers is instant formulation of all possible solutions, done by quantum computing, while classic computers can only handle a small portion of the required computing tasks.


As reported currently, top 10 developers, engineers, and physicists of Dublin Cryptorium Limited are currently working on fine-tuning the application of the physics of quantum computing for the calculation of bitcoin hashes. Within two years the research program will be working. Today as the holidays are closing, the admin of Dublin Cryptory has reported of constant search for the best ways of improving the virtual currency market. As claimed, Dublin Cryptory has been the first company that has developed a commercially viable system for mining and the admin doesn't plan to stop with that.

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