Updated: 12/19/2013 21:00
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The RFI Group HYIP, which has been on TOP of HYIPNews listing for a while has published the newsletter summing up the results of the year, which was...

The RFI Group HYIP, which has been on TOP of HYIPNews listing for a while has published the newsletter summing up the results of the year, which was definitely a success for the company. All greetings sent from the customers, partners, brokers and other cooperatives of RFI Group are forwarded to all employees of the company, who did all possible to make the year 2013 profitable and successful for both the company and its investors. Particularly, as the newsletter says: "...Administration is grateful to the trading department, technical support department, analytical department and all managers who organized business processes throughout the year...".

Traditionally for the period from December 15 to January 6 RFI Group has stopped all trading activities on stocks and currency markets. The main reason for the temporal stoppage of operations on the markets is increased trading risks due to holidays as well as decreased money turnover at Christmas period. At the same time, after January 6, RFI Group is planning to get back into business with applying more effective trading platforms, which are supposed to improve profit margins especially in the funds with a dynamic interest range.

Concerning the results achieved by RFI Group in 2013, they are amazing indeed. Apart from getting on Top of high ranked programs at HYIPNews.com and other monitoring sites, the management of the company has made all possible to make all funds grow within the entire year. Let me quote some results for you: "...Our reserve fund has increased by more than 240% and a capitalization growth of the company almost reached 700% (stopped at 692.89%) in November..." Another achievement made by RFI Group is expanding the range of funds to the total number of 9 active ones. In its turn that gives opportunity now to get involved in any kind of portfolio, depending on your choice and preferences.

The holidays, which are obviously too long are explained by the necessity for all the staff to relax after a hard year and make some plans for the next year 2014. As for the plans, there are also some words about them in the newsletter: new investment programs, new bonuses for every deposit invested, personal meetings arrangements. Sounds very intriguing, let's see how it works out after January 6. Meanwhile, we should expect a call from the PR manager Vivian Cannon after January 6, with a unique offer for all those who helped and continue helping us to develop RFI Group in 2014.

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