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On Saturday, December 21 there were some troubles with access to the website of Catena Finance . As it's been reported in the latest newsletter, the...

On Saturday, December 21 there were some troubles with access to the website of Catena Finance. As it's been reported in the latest newsletter, the admin and the technical department of the project has been migrating to the new server in terms of improving the website security. Currently the process of migration has been completed and full access to the website of Catena Finance has been restored.

One of the main news about the Catena Finance project is the extension of the New Year's plan. Initially it has been announced that the new plan should have been expired today on December 23. The admin of the project though reported that this plan will last 6 days more and will supposedly be expired on December 29. As they say, the New Year's plan extension has first of all been a response to multiple requests from the customers, who haven't been able to fund their accounts for a long time, which is why all willing now have 6 more days for joining the New Year's plan. Lots of clients also vote for making this special plan work permanently, still the admin doesn't tolerate that.

Among the plans for the future next year we should expect the total redesign of the Catena Finance website. Some manuals for the newbies will be added and phone support is claimed to be enabled. The forum for communication between members will be integrated and two new payment options will be added (bankwire and credit card payments). And naturally at the end of the current year the admin of Catena Finance promises to make all possible to improve the work of the project and make it far more stable and profitable.

So far, everything goes well enough. The project is taking the 3rd place in HYIPNews listing. Being listed for 181 days, Catena Finance has managed to become on of TOP programs currently working online. Hopefully it will survive Christmas just like all others HYIPs working and paying online. I am sure all investors will be happy about that when they are able to earn their passive income stably with Catena Finance.

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