Updated: 12/24/2013 21:15
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Merry Christmas, dear readers of the HYIPNews monitoring portal! We are sure it's the best time when all of you gather in he family, which is the...

Merry Christmas, dear readers of the HYIPNews monitoring portal! We are sure it's the best time when all of you gather in he family, which is the right thing to do, when celebrating such a glorious holiday. It's been a very hard year for all of us, for the entire HYIP industry. There have been so many collapses and frankly speaking not very much pleasant things happening to the online investment world. We have all deserved some rest at the end of this year.

Starting from the start of May the industry began shaking after the collapse of Liberty Reserve, which has been the most popular e-currency used for HYIP investing. Some people hoped the troubles would be temporal and the processor would start working again. As we all know, the result was absolutely different. The U.S. authorities have seized the website and all the servers. Obviously, many people have been at a loss, lots of investors have lost thousands of dollars after that collapse. Within the entire summer we have been waiting for the things to get back to normal. Finally closer to Autumn things have been stabilized, the industry has calmed down and we started working again.

The world of e-currencies has been struck by the enormous raise of crypto-currency popularity and as the result its immense growth, you know what i mean: i am talking about Bitcoin fever. Right after Bitcoin at the end of November Litecoin - another crypto-currency has started its growth to the Top... not that intense, still we may consider the year 2013 as the year of crypto-currencies.

Still, let us not think negative today! Despite all the troubles, we are staying here, healthy and happy to live another year! We have survived the year 2012, when everyone seemed to believe there's going to be the End of the World... no way! We are here and we pray for all of us! Let the year 2014 be more profitable, happier and much more interesting and full of good events in the lives of every human being on our planet. As for our readers, we appreciate your loyalty and hope the membership database will keep on growing in the year 2014! On our side, we'll do all possible to remain your guiding light in the ocean of high yield investments! Once again, Merry Christmas, dear friends!

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