Updated: 01/10/2014 18:45
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DailyShare Pro is taking the 23rd place in HYIPNews listing. The project is paying 1% daily for up to 180 business days. As of now the project has...

DailyShare Pro is taking the 23rd place in HYIPNews listing. The project is paying 1% daily for up to 180 business days. As of now the project has been listed for a bit more than a month, still it has all chances to become a longterm HYIP. In the latest newsletter the admin of DailyShare Pro congratulates all members and wishes happy and prosperous year 2014. Still the main part of the newsletter reveals some weekly updates of the project. The admin is talking much about the advertising of the project by its members, who are taking advantage of the referral program.

Another part of the newsletter updates on Bitcoin situation. As claimed, fact more and more companies start to accept Bitcoin: "...According to Coindesk.com, Overstock “ one of the leading e-commerce site “ has begun accepting bitcoins on its site..." There are many others who are getting involved into Bitcoin business. There are some reportes on the current price of Bitcoin and other information, which is not of a great importance at all.

More important is that DailyShare Pro has this week suspended creating multiple accounts on the program's website. All accounts have been re-checked and those multiple accounts opened from the same IPs have been deleted. The project is getting far more and more popular. More reviews about the project appear online, more monitors as reported add the project to their listings day by day.

At the end the admin of DailyShare Pro talks about big plans for the future and promises to get us updated on the latest news every two weeks. At the same time the admin tries to encourage all members and investors to keep posting information about the project online, on forums, monitors, social networks etc. The admin meanwhile tells about the soon update of web design, script, and tools: "...These software and design upgrades will offer easy to use, reliable, and secure environment for you to invest quickly and start making high ROI. In addition to these upgrades, we have big plans coming up in few weeks that will keep you interested and excited to advertise and invest on DailyShare..." That is all for now! Look forward to more news from DailyShare Pro.

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