Updated: 01/16/2014 18:38
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The Superior Class Investment is a new HYIP, added to HYIPNews listing only 18 days ago

The Superior Class Investment is a new HYIP, added to HYIPNews listing only 18 days ago. The proejct is offering paid-upon-expiry investment plans with maximum revenue of 200% after 20 days. The profit declared includes principal and hence may seem to be rather large. The withdrawal terms are clear, the money is paid after 1, 2, 3 days and further. As for the time between the request and actually crediting the withdrawal to members' accounts it used to be up to 24-48 hours at first. The latest newsletter from Superior Class Investment reports this this timeframe has been decreased and now withdrawals are processed faster, within 6-24 hours.

Another news update will be most interesting for active members and potential investors. First of all, it should be noticed about the update of support service. As it's been reported, Superior Class Investment has implied phone support. The phone number to reach the support is 1-888-326-7083. Along with other ways to contact the support you can find it in the right column on the project's website.

The last improvement reported in the latest newsletter is about adding the two language Live chat support. From now on the Live Chat is available in English and Russian. Very soon as claimed by the admin of Superior Class Investment the website of the project is about to be translated to Russian language as well. Since then two layouts will become available for English and Russian speaking members and visitors. Please have a look at the newsletter from Superior Class Investment below:

"SclassInv � News
We are proud to announce that our website is finished, and we are fully operating right now. We have added a phone number through which you can contact our Support Center. Our Live Chat now works in two languages. If you have any problems or questions you can contact us 12 hours per day on Live Chat. We will also add the Russian language version of the website within few hours and it will be in test mode and not fully done for 1 week. From now on, withdrawals are being processed within 6-24 hours. There was a frame between 24-48 hours but we are making everything to see satisfied customers. Visit us on Facebook and like us . After adding Russian language version, we will start working on Indonesian version of the site.
Best Wishes from our Team.

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