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OKPAY has announced the new developer information section. As reported in the latest news from OKPAY , the new developer center is one of the most...

OKPAY has announced the new developer information section. As reported in the latest news from OKPAY, the new developer center is one of the most advanced parts of the OKPAY system. The center contains all required tools and documentation needed for integrating the OKPAY payment solution to any website online.

The OKPAY developer center contains the following guides:

- Merchant's Guide, which includes all required information required for the merchants to start accepting OKPAY payments from customers online;
- Accepting Payments, teaches how to start accepting payments with OKPAY. It also teaches on how to use HTML forms with your website or e-commerce application and get paid through OKPAY.
- Subscriptions, the guide, with the help of which one can learn to create, handle, troubleshoot and manage subscriptions or your individual subscribers.
- Payments Automation tells about all possible automation tools and features. Learn more about OKPAY API and how to automate: send money, check balances, etc.
- Client Verification guide explains how to use OKPAY verification service to confirm the identity of your customers. Learn how to integrate external verification via the OKPAY service to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

And finally there is a comprehensive manual revised available, which includes all the reference documentation for all kinds of OKPAY integration on your website. The data include basic Payment links and buttons service as well as advanced Application Programming Interface (API), featuring Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and Common References information.


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