Updated: 03/03/2014 18:35
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Perfect Invest Group has initiated massive campaign online with the main purpose to attract more new members to the project

Perfect Invest Group has initiated massive campaign online with the main purpose to attract more new members to the project. The idea of three campaigns was giving out bonuses to mark three important events: 10 months online, Men's Day and Women's Day. Speaking about the first promo campaign, starting from February 25 till March new bonus deposits are allocated, which are supposed to make 60% pure profit in 30 days with minimum to deposit $20 and maximum $1000. Another bonus is given for making and posting the unique video about the project, published on youtube. Starting from Feb 25, per each video published the author is rewarded with $20. In order to join the campaign, one should send the link to the video and the number of Perfect Money account. To make it clear for everyone, the link for the verified exchanger will be placed on the site of the project.

The admin of EOSZ has added some new features to the website. First of all, Russian version of the website has been integrated. Apart from that PexPay has been added as the alternative e-currency. Besides there's also a currency exchange option appeared in the member area. Moreover, if you don't have a chance to make a deposit via e-currency, there is a chance to pay with cash via one of your regional representative of the project.

And here comes the latest news from Bettcoin. Starting from March 1, 2014 the profit is going to be calculated on business days only. They say it's a temporal measure, so watch the news, please!

There have also been some updates from the H-Script, the popular script used by HYIP sites. First of all there's a report on adding PiratCoin due to the owner's request, the bug with instant limits for TM has been fixed. The update of module/balance/lib.php and lib/psys.php are now in process.

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