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The Gram Stock HYIP has been listed at HYIPNews for 21 days It is currently taking the 16th place in our listing The latest newsletter from Gram Stock has
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The Gram Stock HYIP has been listed at HYIPNews for 21 days. It is currently taking the 16th place in our listing. The latest newsletter from Gram Stock has been rather informative and told the members about the monthly results of the project's performance. Since the very start of the project there have been more than 34 applications for the position of representative of the project. Currently the admin is choosing the best applicants to place their information on the website. The biggest activity has been fro the users of the following countries: India, Russia and England. The most active users have been awarded.

The admin is grateful for the support and also is very pleased about the fact "Custom Deposit" system is getting far more and more popular. The system allows to manage assets directly, based upon profit investors wish to get, the withdrawal terms suitable and preterm withdrawal.

Another part of the newsletter from Gram Stock is telling about the milestones of the project achieved or those, which are supposed to be achieved in the nearest future. First of all, it should be mentioned that Gram Stock provides support in five languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and German. The ticket system works well with the multilanguage support. There is only one warning against putting the and mail clients in your dashboard. As reported these mail services do not work well with the ticket system and nearly all of the e-mails are sent to spam folder, which is why there is a large risk to lose your e-mail. Also there's some notice about the callback feature. Let me quote some instruction on completing the callback request: "After creating a callback request, try to be in the active zone of your mobile operator. Otherwise we won't be able to get in touch with you. If you want to make a call to the head office of our company, just dial one of the stationary numbers placed on our website."

Good news for active promoters of the project is that the management of Gram Stock has successfully uploaded the new version of the company promo materials. Along with the new pack the new feature has been added, which allows fast integration of the banners with your affiliate link to any other third-party website. The banners and promo materials are available in the "My Team" section of the member's area. Also another feature is also available called: "invite a friend by email".

The final part of the newsletter from Gram Stock provides answers to most frequently asked questions by potential investors. Among the questions answered are those regarding the representative application, Bitcoin withdrawals, profit payouts and other important questions have been revealed in the newsletter.

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