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bitcofinancial questionaire and bitcoin deposit reminder
The admin of BitcoFinancial has issued the newsletter marking entering the second week online of the project As its been reported the project has been
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The admin of BitcoFinancial has issued the newsletter marking entering the second week online of the project. As it's been reported, the project has been working well and the admin is thankful to every member for the continuous support. There are lots of positive feedbacks from reputed public forums and blogs. across the globe about BitcoFinancial. Many members current and potential ones have been asking many questions about the programs performance and the support of the program has been doing all the best to respond any of the questions asked. This time the admin dares to ask some questions to the members concerning the features one can do with BitcoFinancial and the program actually has. Here are the statements and questions posted in the newsletter from BitcoFinancial:

"Do you know:
- that BitcoFinancial has reached the milestone of 1000 members in just a week?
- that you can interact, share and post in our official forum with other BitcoFinancial members?
- that you can chat with other members and us in the shoutbox made available in the BitcoFinancial official Forum?
- that we are active in many social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter?
- that BitcoFinancial has its own official blog that will be updated even if our website faces downtime?
- that we have a phone number that you can contact us through?
- that you can now check to see the withdrawal processing time in the Withdrawal Panel in your Member Dashboard as you send in your withdrawal request?
- that we have our own Global Financial Rep Program which you may join and some added benefits?
- that we provide ample guidance to those who seek assistance in starting up their own Bitcoin account?".

As the admin says, once every question asked above is answered positive, means you know everything about the project.

There is also a reminder to all Bitcoin investors to let the support know about any missing or delayed deposit. As a rule they appear on members' accounts just after 2 confirmations from the Bitcoin Network. If there is no confirmation there is possible an error in deposit process. For everyone willing to invest Bitcoins there is a quick note giving short information required to be sent to BitcoFinancial after completing the Bitcoin deposit:

Please fill the form with these details you will see there (in the deposit page) : and click "SAVE"
Your Username
Your Email
Compounding %
Your Bitcoin Address

Please mind once this information is not delivered, your Bitcoin deposit cannot be verified by Bitcoin network and accordingly the deposit will not be shown on member's account.

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