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finmutual stp verification and bonus explained
Right after the previous newsletter issued and delivered by FinMutual to members yesterday another massive and informative newsletter has been delivered
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Right after the previous newsletter issued and delivered by FinMutual to members yesterday, another massive and informative newsletter has been delivered today as a feedback to overwhelming support requests mostly concerning the SolidTrustPay account verification and bonus system by FinMutual.

There goes the detailed explanation of the bonus system launched yesterday and available for the entire membership. Let us quote the explanation from the newsletter directly: "...It is a system that has been in operation for almost a month and it is a variable bonus system which means each week the amount of percentage bonus varies each week. This weeks bonus is 8% which expires tomorrow, Friday, April 25th at 5PM Eastern Daylight Time...For example, a $1000 deposit would mean you would earn interest on $1080 (a 8% deposit bonus)..."

The reason for opening the bonus system to every member is to make it possible for the entire membership as the project has enough resources to offer bonus to everyone. Besides with a view to many programs, which collapsed earlier, it may become a partial compensation for those who had lost funds in those HYIPs.

Speaking about SolidTrustPay account verification, the admin of FinMutual stresses attention saying that the FinMutual account has been corporate members verified for almost a year and recently the following e-mail has been sent from SolidTrustPay:

"We would like to ask if you could please send any forex trading documents, proof of sustainability and evidence to support the return of investment percentages that your site advertises.
Unfortunately if any company asked for this proof, is not able to produce proper, adequate evidence of trading reports, forex reports, business activity, or how they're able to sustain themselves, it will result in the button request being declined, or turned off."

The FinMutual management has provided all documents required and then another e-mail has come:

"In correlation to your business account, could you also provide the following for our records:
-An overall explanation/model of the business you have
-Company's name, corporate registration, EIN number "

This information has also been provided and now FinMutual has become fully compliant with the the new policy of SolidTrustPay. This information can be proved by the automated Solid Trust Pay deposit feature in the members area.

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