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bitcofinancial ddos and support issues
BitcoFinancial has been under DDoS, though mitigated fast. Some important milestones reached. The notification concerning the work of support service and
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BitcoFinancial has been under DDoS, though mitigated fast. Some important milestones reached. The notification concerning the work of support service and Bitcoin deposit reminder.

Another newsletter has been delivered by the admin of BitcoFinancial. As claimed the programs has entered the very active phase of its development. Very soon it will reach the milestone of 3000 members and hence the management of BitcoFinancial is very encouraged and pleased to thank every single member for the support.

Unfortunately when any project gets popular the risk for the DDoS attack increases accordingly. BitcoFinancial has not been an exception in that case. For a few minutes though the website of the project has faced a DDoS attack. Fortunately it was mitigated by the technical team fast enough, some short raise of disturbance from the customers has been detected, after being not able to see the website online. As reported the project has a very solid protection, which detects and eliminates any interference and possible attacks in a very speedy way.

Apart from the news about DDoS attack there is also an update concerning the work of support service of BitcoFinancial. Since the very launch of the project, the admin has been taking good care of the customers replying every single mail within minutes. As the popularity of the service is growing the number of support requests is getting larger and larger and hence it is hard to maintain such an "immediate" support. Which is why the admin asks every member to give the support service a couple of hours to respond the support tickets.

The main priority of BitcoFinancial still remains instant payouts and in this aspect there will be no changes. Traditionally, all payouts are going to be paid within a few minutes.

Finally, there is a notice saying that some of the Bitcoin investors are not saving their deposit form after investing with Bitcoins. There is a strong recommendation for every Bitcoin investor to complete and submit the form after completing the Bitcoin deposit. Once the form is completed, and just in case it is sent to the admin, the deposit will appear on your account shortly. Once anyone has any questions concerning the way to fill out the form and send it to the project, you are always free to contact the admin.

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