Updated: 05/12/2014 11:20
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dublin cryptory weekly reports and rebranding
Dublin Cryptory changes the company name as a part of the company development strategy to improve transparency of the services provided. Weekly reports
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Dublin Cryptory changes the company name as a part of the company development strategy to improve transparency of the services provided. Weekly reports introduced.

The Dublin Cryptory has published another informative newsletter, which contains lots of important information within. First of all, we need to inform about the change of the company name from DublinCryptoriumLimited to CryptoryInvestmentPartnersLimited. Despite the change of the company name the domain is not changed and accordingly we are not going to update the name in the HYIPNews listing. Dublin Cryptory is taking the TOP 1 place in our listing and most of HYIPNews customers got used to this name, even though the company name has been changed as reported following the company's development strategy. The entire work of the company has been moved to a single brand with the purpose to increase company credibility.

The cnange of the company name is considered to be a solid move to reach the main company's goals to improve business performance, while the project keeps on introducing new technologies and expand services to the customers of Dublin Cryptory. As a part of the change of the development strategy the decision to move to new locations at the Clonshaugh Business & Technology Park, Cryptory Data Center, Dublin 17.

As the rebranding is in progress, the company keeps on growing and releasing new features added to the website of the company. So, a new reporting system has been introduced with the purpose of further promotion of global transparency of the services provided by Dublin Cryptory. As reported the most important is to facilitate trust with our stakeholders in order to promote growth in bitcoin commerce. The report will provide additional information such as: Financial Statements (new equipment, payroll, investments, etc.), Network Data/Bitcoin Statistics (CRYPTORY network hash rates, blocks mined, number of mined blocks, etc.), Processors & Utilities Statistics (electricity expended, number of processors, percentage of processors in the system, etc.), User Report & Summary (dedicated hash rate, total company income, 6-month projected account balance, etc). The weekly reports are going to be delivered to members' e-mails regularly. Check your mailbox for more details.

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