Updated: 05/16/2014 13:15
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bitcofinancial security tips
BitcoFinancial gives the security tips, following which you will minimize the chances for your account to get compromised or hacked.
BitcoFinancial gives the security tips, following which you will minimize the chances for your account to get compromised or hacked.

BitcoFinancial has always been taking care of timely update and newsletters delivered to the members of the project. The project admin is always trying to deliver useful information along with the updates on the program's development. The latest newsletter is not an exception. Here the admin tries to give some useful tips for the members on how to prevent your account being hacked or compromised.

The BitcoFinancial HYIP has been running for nearly 1 month. Within the entire period of time, the team of the project has been working hard to make every aspect and area of the program work smoothly to make the website fully functional. The security does matters for the admin and hence the admin is now addressing the members paying attention to the security measures needed to be taken to secure their funds.

The reason for sending such a newsletter is recent trouble with some members who have faced some security issues with their BitcoFinancial accounts. Some accounts were actually accessed from other IPs and the real member appealed to the support of BitcoFinancial asking for help. In that aspect BitcoFinancial technical specialists have prepared some security tips, following which it will be easier to secure one's account and personal information. Here is the quotation from the official BitcoFinancial newsletter, giving the detailed information on the tips provided and reasons for the accounts to get compromised:

"...How can someone access your account without your knowledge? Well, upon discussing with the members concerned, we noticed that they were into the habit of using the same user login information (username and password) for more than one program.
This makes it easy for someone to try and use the same login to access the members account in multiple programs without their consent. So, always use a unique password for every program you invest in.
Having trouble remembering them all? Well, add a codeword relating to each program in your password. For example your password along with the programs names which will be easy to remember.
We have also added a feature which makes sure that members will not be able to change their e-currency account numbers. To do so, the members will have to contact us from your registered email ID and we will assist you with the process..."

We do hope the information provided will not secure the members of BitcoFinancial but it will also become a guideline to follow for the majority of HYIPNews customers and online investors.

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