Updated: 05/29/2014 17:12
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laxo trade compounding option
Laxo Trade exlains the details about compounding option available and possibilities to change the compounding percentage at any time.
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Laxo Trade exlains the details about compounding option available and possibilities to change the compounding percentage at any time.

More news has been delivered by the admin of Laxo Trade HYIP, listed at HYIPNews for 40 days. Some days ago we have informed about the troubles some users had before due to not enough security of their accounts and how actually the specialists fromĀ Laxo Trade could handle this issue in a professional way. Today we received another newsletter from the admin of the project informing about the details of compounding percentage and withdrawal issues.

The reason for making this explanation is simple. Basically many investors of Laxo Trade wonder why after trying to make a withdrawal request from personal account they can't. The explanation is simple, when making a deposit, by default the compounding option is set to 100%, which means all profit previously earned by this type of investors moves back to account and keeps on working. At the same time, those, who haven't enabled the compounding option at all reinvest their profits manually every day if they want to.

To enable the compounding one should set the amount of profit (the percentage), which is preferred to get reinvested automatically. Once reinvested, the profit accumulated is added to the working principal and starting from that time, profit is calculated from the new principal amount.

Let me quote some example provided by the admin of Laxo Trade in the latest newsletter: "...For example, lets say an investor sets the compounding percentage to 50% when he decided to invest. What now happens, automatically, is that 50% of the profit his principal makes gets added to the principal and the rest of the profit goes to the available balance. So, if you invest a 100 dollars in the Daily plan with 0 compounding percentage you would be receiving $2 USD to your available balance each day. If you choose to set the compounding percentage to 50%, one dollar would be automatically added to the principal while the other would go to your available balance..."

The thing worth noticing is that compounding percentage can be changed at any time during the time investment runs. Moreover, there are no limits on the amount of times you can change it either. You can practice and try different options within one investment term. In order to change the compounding option one should login to the member area, proceed to "Your deposits", select "change" under the option "Compounding Percentage", select the amount you want and finally click on "Change". In case there any other questions concerning the compounding option or other aspects of Laxo Trade performance, don't hesitate to contact the support of the project.

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