Updated: 06/02/2014 10:00
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latest hyip news digest for june 02 2014
See the latest news from SeniorGold, ArbitrageTop and MoneyCircuit HYIPs concerning the maintenance, LIVE section introduction
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See the latest news from SeniorGold, ArbitrageTop and MoneyCircuit HYIPs concerning the maintenance, LIVE section introduction

Here below is some short news digest on the latest news from three HYIP opportunities working online. We start with Senior Gold HYIP. The admin of the project apologizes for the technical troubles, the clients had to experience earlier. The troubles were because of the hard disk error as the result of which member access to the website has been temporally closed. The IT specialists have been working hard to fix the problem and now everything is good. The website of Senior Gold works great! See the part of the Senior Gold blog update on the issue below:

"As earlier noted on our Blog, a hard drive failure at our California data facility had led to a loss of customer access to Senior Golds website that has since been rectified. After 24-hours of non-stop work, our IT team has completely restored our system, and we are pleased to announce that all of Senior Golds servers are back online and functioning normally. Please note that at no time were members accounts placed at risk, and members can access their cabinets without any problems to ensure that their deposits and balances are intact."

Another program, which is updating the members on some new features is ArbitrageTop. The program admin informs on adding the LIVE section for curious members. Anyone willing is now eligible to login and check current positions on open/closed arbitrage cases. The feature can be used as an alternative and is more like an informative one.

Finally MoneyCircuit has informed about the results of the recent downtime of the PerfectMoney system. As many other HYIPs, the program has become a victim of the troubles with PM. Until all DNS servers have been updated the admin couldn't do anything to precess the payouts and continue operating with PerfectMoney. Somewhere the website has been loading,though not for MoneyCircuit. fortunately things got resolved by now, all PerfectMoney payments pending have been pending. The website is working properly.

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