Updated: 06/05/2014 17:04
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safe profits instant withdrawals
Safe Profits apologizes for not processing instant payouts due to Perfect money API overload.
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Safe Profits apologizes for not processing instant payouts due to Perfect money API overload.

The Safe Profits HYIP is a comparatively new program listed at HYIPNews. After 16 days of being listed, the admin has not issued a single newsletter and today we are pleased to deliver the one from the program paying up to 11.2% daily for up to 75 business days.

The newsletter delivered to the members of Safe Profits tells about the problems that occur with the Perfect Money API payments. As claimed by the admin of Safe Profits, not all the payments are processed by Perfect Money instantly for some unknown errors. In such a way terms declared by Safe Profits are not fully fulfilled. It's not about the account balance. The reason may be because of the heavy load upon the Perfect Money API system, which can't handle all the withdrawal requests made by Perfect Money customers. The admin of Safe Profits apologizes for any possible inconveniences and for those payments, not processed instantly, there is a solution to process them manually until things are resolved with the PM API. See the newsletter from Safe Profits below:

"Sorry but we found that Perfectmoney API system is not processing 100% of payments instantly.
99% or 99.50% of it processed instantly and few payments not done instant for unknown errors.
It's not about the amount or balance of our account, it's just maybe the API system is overload in this moment or something.
we just need you to contact us immediately if it's happen to you and your withdrawal not processed instantly for any reason.
so we can process it manually as soon as read your email
thanks for understand , and happy profits for all"

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