Updated: 06/05/2014 12:55
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terraelegance new features
TerraElegance adds new features, improving the services. Skype, Chat option and Facebook integrated.
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TerraElegance adds new features, improving the services. Skype, Chat option and Facebook integrated.

TerraElegance is a new program, which was launched on June 1st. The program offers payouts in the range of 9% and 14% daily on your initial investment. It also allows you to withdraw any amount of your principal or profits starting from 24 hours after you first made a deposit. The program is getting large popularity among potential investors and hence is trying to improve the services provided.

The first newsletter issued informs the users about integrating the new features to the program. First of all, the admin of TerraElegance integrates Skype support to English-speaking customers. Apart from that there is an opportunity to join the chat of the project and post your feedback, question or a payment proof. The final improvement and the new feature added to TerraElegance is the Facebook group, which is supposed to spread the word about TerraElegance to the Facebook community. The details about the updates and the link to Facebook group of TerraElegance can be located in the newsletter below:

"Facebook group and Skype support for international investors!
We have some really great news for you!
Standing by the cradle of TerraElegance we were already sure that our project would make people from all over the world closer to each other. And you know what? We hit the nail on the head! Because we know how interested in our project are investors from many countries, starting this day were pleased to offer Skype support to our English-speaking audience. You can also join our chat to drop a smiley and share your payment proof. You will find links at the top of TerraElegance website.
But that is not all!
Youre welcome to join our Facebook group as well! We believe our Facebook community will help us spread the word to thousands of new investors across the globe.
Join TerraElegance Facebook group by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/
Were growing and getting stronger!
Do you Like us?"

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