Updated: 06/16/2014 17:50
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dublin cryptory new mining improvement
New Bitcoin mining algorithm has been integrated by Dublin Cryptory to ensure fast Bitcoin mining process and provide the clients with the best tool on
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New Bitcoin mining algorithm has been integrated by Dublin Cryptory to ensure fast Bitcoin mining process and provide the clients with the best tool on the crypto currency market.

The leader of the HYIPNews monitor, Dublin Cryptory, has informed all members about the new Bitcoin mining system. The project has always been taking much care about the crypto currency, particularly Bitcoin as well as extremely passionate about the opportunities it may give. The team of the project always fights and does its best to stay ahead of the Bitcoin mining competition. Here is the message from the official newsletter by Dublin Cryptory: "...To optimise the service offered by Cryptory and continually improve the speed and efficiency with which our system mines Bitcoins requires constant innovation..."

It turns out Dublin Cryptory is constantly working on improving and optimising the services provided to the customers and perceive the only goal - the better Dublin Cryptory is, the more money its customers will earn and accordingly the happier they become.

Speaking about the latest improvement added by Dublin Cryptory, new bitcoin mining system, it involves new algorithms, aimed to produce more efifciently than those working before, which by the way have been super effective even without the new innovations applied. Traditionally, Bitcoin mining has remained inefficient in the overwhelming majority of cases as there is a lot of duplicated effort, with Bitcoin miners computing the same hashes over and over again. This has meant that even those using pools often experience a great deal of redundancy in the Bitcoin mining process.

To ensure there won't be repetitions caused by bitcoin miners computing the same hashes over and over again as a result of lots of duplicated efforts and in order to reduce the redundancy and inefficiency of Bitcoin mining process the technicians of Dublin Cryptory have implemented the new system essentially coordinates hashing so they can the system can move onto finding another active block faster. This greatly speeds up the Bitcoin mining process, and gives you the edge in the crypto currency market.  

The new algorithm has already been integrated into the unique servers offered by Dublin Cryptory. As claimed, this was already a powerful Bitcoin mining solution, but with the new algorithms built into formidable package offered initially, it really is already producing lightning fast, jaw-dropping results.

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