Updated: 07/02/2014 19:25
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fi assets milestones and plans for the future
FI ASSETS limited has been 20 days online reaching the milestones and explaining the plans for the future.
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FI ASSETS limited has been 20 days online reaching the milestones and explaining the plans for the future.

The FI ASSETS Limited has celebrated 20 days online. Within this time the project has managed to gain over 1000 members and as claimed by the admin more than 1.9 Million Dollars have been invested with the project. This statement is hard to believe to be true, still this is what's been announced by the admin. As reported more and more inactive members start to make their deposits more and more often.

The reason why the performance has become more successful is the active cooperation of the program admin and the members. The project has been paying smoothly all pending withdrawals. There is an issue with some withdrawals though due to inaccurate E-currency account numbers. On that occasion, the admin of the project reminds every member to make sure the e-currency account is right.

The final part of the newsletter fromĀ FI ASSETS Limited tells the members about the future plans of the project. As reported, there are plans to invest more into trading and diversification of investment platforms such as Real Estate and Telecommunication. So the project requires more funds for this. The admin asks investors to invest more funds and also refer their family and friends to FI ASSETS Limited. Not a very good attempt to attract funds. Simply looks like a trivial attempt to get more cash before, which is the evidence of the project to be lack for money.

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