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latest hyip news digest for june 09 2014
See the latest news about the milestones reached by PanamAtic and cash rewards to active members of GeniaStockExchange.
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See the latest news about the milestones reached by PanamAtic and cash rewards to active members of GeniaStockExchange.

Here below you will find the latest news from the HYIP programs currnetly working online. We shall start with the short news from PanamAtic. The program admin reports on completing some milestones, which look rather impressive. The project has been online for 39 days and as claimed has gained $1 mln. of deposits and referred more than 1200 members. The Lexa rating of the program website has reached the mark of 39,442 in the USA. Among the future plans, adding the new payment systems is the priority for the PanamAtic HYIP project. See the newsletter from the admin below:

"Good day our dear investors!
We would like to announce about coming changes in PANAMATIC LTD. We have received many emails from our investors about opportunity making investment through other payment processors and soon will be added additional payment method!
For 38 days as we launched our website and for 2 months and 6 days as we based PANAMATIC LTD. total investments reached $1 million, total investors more then 1200! Alexa rank in US - 39,442! We call it - achievement! PANAMATIC LTD. will do our best to achieve more in nearest future! So stay tuned!

The admin of GenialStockExchange is working on making the program attractive for the members using some effective methods and stimulates active promoters of the program. The recent example of loyalty towards active members of the project is the $5 cash reward paid to member's account of every active investor who has at least $50 active deposit and completes a short survey in the Information section of the website. The link for the survey is located in the newsletter from GenialStockExchange below:

"Survey 2 Get 5$ in your account instant withdraw
Dear Investors,
Your feedback is important. We want to know you better to serve you better.
We want to focus our development to meet your needs.
GenialStockExchange is increasing its popularity and every day more and more people are becoming aware of the excellent services we offer.
We kindly ask to our members to complete this simple survey as soon as possible.
Best regards, Mike Anderson, Admin
Condition: Active Members who deposited at least 50$
Survey Click Here".

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