Updated: 07/11/2014 15:11
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uniroyal chemical adds solidtrustpay manually
Uniroyal Chemical adds SolidTrustPay in manual mode for deposits of $300 and more. Other payment options available are PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Bitcoin and
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Uniroyal Chemical adds SolidTrustPay in manual mode for deposits of $300 and more. Other payment options available are PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Bitcoin and Payeer. Report on everall growth and successful performance of the project.

Uniroyal Chemical has performed extremely well last days. First of all, let me remind you the program has been included to the Top Choice section of HYIPNews listing for the very first time. Moreover after being online for a bit more than 60 days, it managed to take the 5th place in the listing for such a short period of time. The program is positioned as a longterm HYIP with daily profit of up to 5% for the lifetime of the project.

As another bonus for the members the short newsletter has been delivered to the members reporting SolidTrustPay has been enabled for deposits and withdrawal requests at Uniroyal Chemical. Unfortunately there are some problems, for the STP button doesn't link anywhere. So far looks like the admin has not yet completed the process of integrating SolidTrustPay and has reported about it a bit too early. Here is the news from Uniroyal Chemical:

"Good news! We added new payment system Solidtrustpay, now we are working manually but the next week we turn to instant. Minimum deposit $300, minimum withdrawal $50."

At the same time on our side we tried to contact the admin asking for the reasons the button leads to nowhere. The explanation followed saying that SolidTrustPay deposits are currently handled manually. The minimum deposit via STP is $300. As for the payment button, it hasn't been verified by SolidTrustPay yet. Basically i don't think it makes sense to report integrating the new payment system once the process is not resolved yet. At the same time, probably, the admin has been tired of waiting to get the account verified due to many requests from the members on adding SolidTrustPay. No matter what the wayUniroyal Chemical does is not the way to make it right and hopefully the appropriate measures will be taken in the nearest time to make the process of investing funds via SolidTrustPay automatic and get verified by SolidTrustPay hence.

Let me remind you in case you don't want to make deposits in manual mode, other e-currencies are still working fine. Uniroyal Chemical also accepts PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Bitcoin and Payeer. The deposits and withdrawals via these payment processors are processed really fast, more often instantly. One more time, it needs to be mentioned, the growth rate of this HYIP is enormous, and TOP 5 listing at HYIPNews is a clear evidence to that.

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