Updated: 07/14/2014 10:04
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genialstockexchange more improvements
GenialStockExchange adds security code feature to improve the website security and avoid funds loss because of hackers.
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GenialStockExchange adds security code feature to improve the website security and avoid funds loss because of hackers.

The admin of GenialStockExchange has reported of adding more improvements to the website. They are planned to be integrated in the nearest time. As claimed the new feature will allow members to change or add extra security code inside the member area of your account. When passing through the signup procedure, all future members will be requested to provide the secondary transaction code, meant for improving security and to avoid hackers steal your funds. Here is the newsletter from the admin of GenialStockExchange below:

"Security code feature
Dear All,
Security of your account is the utmost important thing for us.
As a result of which we are coming out now with an introduction of security code feature in back office area.
Though this is an optional feature. If you go to your GenialStockExchange back office and then setting area, you will be able to add/change the transaction code there.
Once the transaction code is configured, you will have to enter the same every time when you try to withdraw money. If you dont change or add transaction code then no issues and every thing will be working as it is working so far.
Transaction code gives you extra level of security and protection against hacking of your account .So it is my personal advice to all of you to configure the same
Have a safe and happy earning from us.
Happy earning friends.
Mike Anderson, Admin

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