Updated: 08/04/2014 15:30
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The latest news about the development of StPay bitcoin, the third weekly newsletter from Expo Investment FZE, Payeer acceptance terms at Ogden organization and SolidTrustPay provincial holiday schedule report.

Another news digest is published today by the editorial team of Today we are pleased to deliver the latest news about the development of StPay bitcoin, share the 3rd weekly newsletter from Expo Investment FZE, let you know about the update of payment terms by Ogden Organization as well as the latest update about the holiday schedule from SolidTrustPay.

First of all let us start with a short update from StPay bitcoin, which is showing some worries about the fate of all scammed investors, who fall into a trap of scam HYIPs. The admin of StPay bitcoin in its term tries to use all words possible to assure every single member this project is for long and will keep on working and paying with no delays, and also emphasizing the necessity to popularize the project in the family and friends circles.

The third weekly newsletter from Expo Investment FZE informs on completing three weeks online, which has been possible thanks to the constant support and trust from the members. The end of three weeks online is memorable with completing the investment cycle of the 15-days investment plan, which let all early investors make 152.5% return with the profit included. One more time, Expo Investment FZE is another HYIP that encourages every members of the program to post positive votes and make good posts about the project performance on forums and blogs as well as to send ones' thoughts or comments with the purpose to improve the website performance. The most important piece of news shared by the admin of Expo Investment FZE is the one concerning the payment processors accepted by the project. Among the latest improvements, Google translation tool has been recently integrated to the website.

Ogden Organization has informed that Payeer payment processor is no longer available for making deposits and withdrawals accordingly to the project. As for any investor, who used to deposit earlier via Payeer, the investment plans will remain active until expired. No more new deposits via Payeer are accepted any longer.

And finally the customer support holiday due to celebrating the Natal Day on Monday August 4 has been announced at SolidTrustPay. All phone lines are not available today. Besides, Natal Day is a Provincial Banking Holiday which means all deposits and withdrawals will not be processed until Tuesday August 5. That is all for today. No more news have been reported for now.

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