Updated: 08/12/2014 14:21
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First results of Expo Investment FZE performance within the first month online including the investment plans completion and milestones reached.

The Expo Investment FZE HYIP has been listed at HYIPNews for 31 days. Currently the HYIP is taking the 14th place. Basically, on the occasion of completing one month online the admin of the project has issued the newsletter giving thanks to all members for completing the milestones. As reported during the entire month, the interest of potential investors to the project has been increasing. Within one month, Expo Investment FZE has managed to complete two investment cycles of the 15 days investment plan and one cycle of the 30 days investment plan. Early investors who joined the HYIP during its first days has thus made 152.5% and 220% accordingly.

To summarize the achievements of the Expo Investment FZE during the first month online the following milestones should be mentioned: first of all, currency exchange option has been enabled, which gives opportunity for the members to complete funds exchange in any direction from and to any e-currency accepted at the project; the list of payment options added to the list of accepted ones at Expo Investment FZE has bee growing and today includes all major ones including Bankwire and Western Union; Google translation feature has been integrated; finally two-level referral program gives 7% and 3% referral bonus one level 1 and level 2 affiliate members accordingly.

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