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latest hyip news digest september 10 2014
The news digest telling about the investment plans update at Compass-Business, the phone support integrated at ArbitrageTOP and others
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The news digest telling about the investment plans update at Compass-Business, the phone support integrated at ArbitrageTOP and others

The website of Compass-Business has changed to the utmost. Both the investment plans and the referral system have been updated. The referral bonus has been increased to 11%. As for the investment plans, all investors from now on are supposed to get lower interests, which is 24% after 30 business days. At the same time for anyone willing to deposit $1000 and more there is an offer to get total ROI of 117% within 30 business days.

The admin of ArbitrageTOP is trying to make as many efforts as possible to attract the investors' attention towards the project. As reported, phone support service has been implemented recently. The admin truly believes, the new option is supposed to improve the relationships between the programs' investors and set the trust level to the new level. In any case, if one is willing to learn any information about the project, one may call the following number: 8 800 555-41-08. The phone support is available during business hours every business day.

The main news from the GBgroup is the new tariffs set to protect the project from possible scam. As the owner of the project says there were many reasons to do the change. Speaking of the clients who didn't manage to reach the pure profit point the difference between deposits and earnings is claimed to be compensated. As for those, who started to get profit with the old plans are now through with that. The old investment plans are not valid any longer. The situation is not very pleasant indeed. Any change of the plans is not a good sign for the HYIP industry. Anyway, we shall watch for the development of the situation.

Cryptco Miner is a new program, which appeared online just two weeks ago. It seems to become rather popular online among the potential investors who enjoy fast and smooth payouts and large choice of the payment options offered by the program management. Another advantage of this investment opportunity is the lifetime plans, which allow to make up to 4.5% daily without any investment period limits. As for promoting the project on social networks some very short piece of news has been posted recently and delivered to the members saying that Cryptco Miner has joined the Twitter social network. Anyone willing is welcome to follow it and use this popular social network for referring new members.

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