Updated: 09/15/2014 18:57
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cryptco miner launches vip plan
The new VIP plan has been launched by Cryptco Miner, offering higher interest rate to celebrate 2000 members joined.
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The new VIP plan has been launched by Cryptco Miner, offering higher interest rate to celebrate 2000 members joined.

Another program has posted some sort of disturbing news lately. Cryptco Miner has been listed at HYIPNews for only 19 days. The program has initially been offering lifetime investment plans for its members. That was a good initiative not to limit the members with the investment plans that run for a certain period of time. Since the very launch of the project there have been not many of the news reports and in that aspect the latest news has been rather disturbing.

Any information about any HYIP changing the plans or other program terms raises the wave of negative feedback from the experienced members. Unfortunately it is a bad tradition for the majority of HYIPs, who update the investment plans to speed up the end time for the project. More likely changing investment plans is an attempt to attract investors' attention before the end of the game. Here we are with the following news from the Cryptco Miner.

Basically it is not the change of the current investment plan though, more like an addition of the new one. The admin of Cryptco Miner has informed the members of the project about adding the new VIP investment plan. The reason for that as reported is reaching the mark of 2000 members. The new plan is not supposed to be working on the permanent basis, just within 5 days since the day it was added. The terms of the new plan are much more attractive than the initially active ones and theoretically supposed to pay the members joined 130% in a day. The minimum deposit required to join is $1000.

Obviously it would be not a very good idea to join the plan like that. The best option for the wise members will be to wait until the VIP plan expires and then monitor the performance of the project. In case within a couple of days after the plan expires things go well, then quite possibly the new plan is nothing but a marketing trick, which has nothing to do with closing the HYIP. Time will show.

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