Updated: 09/18/2014 09:03
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latest hyip news digest for september 18 2014
View the latest news about the HYIPs online including the update of Art-Prestige, the TAL representative program reminder, ArbitrageTOP withdrawal policy
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View the latest news about the HYIPs online including the update of Art-Prestige, the TAL representative program reminder, ArbitrageTOP withdrawal policy update and the promotional bonus from Laxo Trade.

As it's been reported by the officials from Art-Prestige HYIP, the website of the project will be updated in the nearest time. There is no detailed information about the changes. The only thing informed is that new features will be integrated with the purpose to improve the customer support efficiency.

The Trading Alliance Limited reminds of opening the regional representative programs and notifies about the information required to be sent in order to become the regional representative. Here it is: Your Country, Your Name, Your Username in the program, Your E-mail, Your Language Spoken, Your Skype, Your Facebook, Your Tel. Number if available. The information required should be sent to the following e-mail [email protected].

The admin of ArbitrageTOP has taken a decision to limit currency exchanges within the website. Basically, starting from October 1 the profit will be paid only for the accounts in the system used when depositing funds. There is an exception for the members, willing to leave the funds in the program for the period of 30 days or longer. At the same time, there is a chance to withdraw some part of the funds via another payment system paying the 3% commission fee for the exchange.

Laxo Trade, which is a member of TOP Choice section at HYIPNews is five months online. The newsletter was delivered to the members on that occasion. The newsletter says, even though the period is not long enough, which is not true for a HYIP the program has managed to attract a number of members and become popular in the HYIP society. In order to celebrate this small anniversary, the management of the project has decided to offer some promotional bonus for the members. All deposits today are supposed to be calculated with 10% extra from the deposit amount.

Adding the bonus is processed manually and will take up to 12 hours. The bonus is open for withdrawal once it is added. Please keep in mind the offer is limited and will expire on Friday the 19th at 00:00 GMT. By implementing the one-day 10% bonus the admin of the HYIP hopes to inspire some inactive members for making a deposit, as well as those who used to join the program before to reinvest. In case any questions concerning the program performance or the promotional bonus occur, there's a recommendation to contact the support whenever it is best for the members.

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