Updated: 09/23/2014 10:35
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latest news digest september 23
See the latest news digest giving latest news about Arriels latest updates, the first weekly update from CryptoFarm, Meridian Capital words of thanks and
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See the latest news digest giving latest news about Arriels latest updates, the first weekly update from CryptoFarm, Meridian Capital words of thanks and apologies for the downtime, the web stats of recent performance at Coinbrook and the domain extension of Nano Industry Investments.

The admin of Arriels thanks everyone for joining the project. Currently the membership counts more than 3800 active members, who totally deposited more than $300K and withdrawn more than $25K by now. Among the new features added to the site of Arriel there is Skype chat enabled, blogs and more resources for the customer support. Besides the website was translated into Russian. The massive promotional campaign is about to be launched this week. As for other localizations, Spanish version is ready to use, the German one is also ready though not attached yet.

The CryptoFarm HYIP, which is not listed at HYIPNews has issued the first weekly update. In the first newsletter the admin of the project denotes the main idea and the concept of the program, which is to optimize the data centre, which gives profits to investors. Even though the Bitcoin has rate has been fluctuating greatly the admin reported of successful performance and moreover some major improvements are made to the process shortly. With a view to provide investors with maximum information weekly updates on changes and improvements at CryptoFarm are supposed to be delivered on the weekly basis from now on. Another news is hiring new staff for the customer care department.

The Meridian Capital HYIP informs the members on completion of the first week online. In the first newsletter the admin thanks all members and active investors for the trust and support and claims to go on working to make the program stronger every day eventually become leading HYIP online. Apart from that there is an apology and notification of the short downtime of the website during the first week online. As reported due to high level of tech specialists professionalism the problems have been resolved promptly.

The members of Coinbrook have received another newsletter from the admin, saying about recent performance of the project in mining. Basically the update says about adding a special page at Coinbrook that shows 3 unique graphs giving results of the past earnings and profits report. As reported just after 7 days online, there are 1865 miners in total who made purchase of more than $200K and currently are satisfied with the performance. The payments to the miners are processed on a daily basis and in a timely manner. The total amount of the funds paid to the members exceeds $60K by now.

The Nano Industry Investments reported about the domain extension for another period of 10 years. As reported the domain trustworthiness is verified by COMODO EV SSL certificate with the warranty amount of $1,750,000.00. Being verified and secured by Comodo gives the project maximum security as reported by the admin of the project.

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