Updated: 09/26/2014 10:55
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latest hyip news digest for september 26
See the latest news digest giving latest news about the anniversaries celebrated at MaverBet and Euro Forex Team LTD. Learn about the rules of interest
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See the latest news digest giving latest news about the anniversaries celebrated at MaverBet and Euro Forex Team LTD. Learn about the rules of interest earnings and time of crediting profit at PiNeverEnds as well as the main idea about the mission of Rise Fund and introduction of Anancias HYIP.

Please see another news digest of the latest HYIP Events below. The MaverBet HYIP celebrates another anniversary. The project is 100 days online. To celebrate this date the admin of the HYIP has announced some nearest plans for the future. As for the results, more than 8K active members joined the HYIP. At the same time more than 500K RUR have been paid out as withdrawals. The nearest weekend Mega flashmob will be announced. There will be serious updates of the member area and the website itself.

Another HYIP, Euro Forex Team LTD, celebrates small anniversary. The project has been online for three weeks. As reported the customers are satisfied with the performance of this "fast". The admin in its turn is inspired with the support given by the members. To make the website more attractive for the satisfied customers, the admin has started to make changes to the website design. Currently all major changes are made. Anyone willing may check and try the new design.

The PiNeverEnds has delivered the newsletter, which explains the rules of earnings processings. Due to multiple requests concerning some missing payment for the Glutton 7-day plan the explanation is being delivered. As reported, all earnings and interests are credited at 11:55pm on business days. The important notice here that payments are processed according to the server time, which is GMT -7, which is why too many questions arise when people are trying to get their earnings according to GMT. The newsletter also includes some short reminder about paying days and payment frequencies of every plan, the project offers to the members. And finally another newsletter from PiNeverEnds reports of the successful EV SSL Upgrade, duw to which the project was assigned with the "Green Bar SSL" from Comodo. Congratulations!

The Rise Fund has issued the newsletter informing the members in general words about the mission of the project. There is not much of information within. There is simply the notice about the main principles the project is laying upon when performing online. Those are, as reported as follows: Integrity, Breakthrough Results, Collaboration, Respect and Fairness. The words may sound too mean, though that is what declared by the admin of Rise Fund.

The first newsletter has also been delivered by the team of Anancias. The newsletter looks rather positive informing about good performance of the project both from the advertising and the technical point of view. As reported the project is now listed on major listing sites. The support team of Anancias works 24/7 to satisfy all needs of current and potential investors.

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